Hello dear CM.org friends

Dutch chiptune supergroup Ruksok (This time: xyce, Men of Mega, Timbob, Monodeer, Roccow and whoever happens to walk into the studio at the moment) is back with a new album!

Ruksok - Het Gloriehol (Bandcamp link)

After their powerful exploration into more traditional style musicmaking with their 2016 smash hit "Ongepast warm" Ruksok took on a more experimental crossover style while taking it back to their roots as well. Delivering powerful short songs packed with energy, political commentary and layers of sound.

Taking the years of Modplug tracker (or OpenMPT) experience xyce accumulated over the years, they where able to combine it with the other member's live vocals, guitar riffs and unusual musical concepts the group had floating around after heavy brainstorming. Taking inspiration from our youth as gabber and metalheads, and drawing from current popular culture, the album stands as an unique mix that is both timeless and a piece of art that could only be conceived today.

The album is playable / downloadable / buyable on bandcamp and will be pressed as a very limited 5" vinyl recording.

Check it out over here!

Thanks for listening.


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This was my 1.0 version.
I sold it over here:
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/16099 … y-vintage/


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e.s.c. wrote:

yeah, 1.0 is super rare, ...

Nordloef told me it was because 1.0 had a lot of bugs, so most people traded it in for 1.1


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I sold my 1.0 cart on here about a year or more back.  Don't see them often

1: get a usb cable and a powerbank.
Ac adaptors tend to buzzzzz 60hz or 50 he depending on your location.
Some do, some don't. Most do.

2: dunno.

3: get a new screen from bennvenn. Otherwise, see kitsch bent.

4: check out bennvenn


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And a few more sell gb flash carts.

What colour backlight did you get?
If it's blue, the polarisation can change when sliding the contrast wheel...

C-Lee-O wrote:

Hey man,i'm from France, the red Gameboy is still for sale ? I'm interested.
Tot ziens ; )

Sorry, only the stash. The gameboys where older projects I did smile

Au revoir!

I edited the OP, basically selling all my modding stuff. Take a look, and see if you like to start your own modding emporium.

If you think "My god, Timbob. These prices are way out of touch with reality, get a grip man!", Then you can send me your best offer and we can talk about it. wink

Haha. Awesome (not really, for you tho)

"I don't remember Mario running this slow..."


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It's about as necessary as two guitarists in a band.

It is, after a small mod.
Out of the box: no..


Drag n derp can do multiple savs with LittleFM

Side note: the EMS can hold 2 roms, but only one sav. So if you put for example LSDj and Zelda on the cart, you will lose your lsdj songs if you save in Zelda.

No two lsdj roms as well.

Well.. like the title says really..

I remember there was a pixel artist on 8bc back in the days, went by the name 04 as far as i can remember. I know he also had a deviant art profile...

After 8bc imploded there was a mirror of the site running somewhere, that might also help.. but it might be gone already.

Anyway, I thought his work was really cool and i was wondering what he was up to now smile
It had a sort of dystopian feel to it. Also quite russian big_smile

The bivert chip changes the polarity of two signal lines. It looks like you only have one of the two coming through (hence, the black white monochrome) so I'm guessing you made a little soldering error on one of the two lines...

Open up,
Check soldering
Rinse and repeat.