Quick screengrab.
White backlight would be better but probably didn't have one at the time.

Clear case painted from the inside. Fo' shure

Some NES games (or famicom games) have extra soundchips in the carts. Which basically mean more channels.

Vrc6 for example adds two pulse wave channels and a triangle to the already existing channels your famicom can use.

Or more something like this

Description unclear.
Foot stuck in the washing machine.
Please send help.

I don't know what you are looking for.. But could it be something like this:

V command wink

The reason the c64 sounds analog is because the filters are analog.. Ish.


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few questions:

1: I ordered some of those aliexpress carts a while back. 2 60 pins game pcb's and one 60-72 pin convertor with case. If I get your programmer from your website (Without the cart slot) can I solder the wires to the pins and good things happen? (Planning on soldering the wires to the converter pcb and build it into the case.. some slashing may ensue )
2: I saw the gameboy flasher was sold out on your site.. are they coming back? saves on shipping costs etc wink
3: what's your favourite animal?
4: a new flash cart sounds awesome. Not really a question, more of a remark.
5: did you know the link to your website on your cm.org profile doesn't work?

Learning Wav channel steps:
1: ha, the wav channel does whoouaap
2: Gheez, that wav channel makes no sense... I'll just use samples
3: omg, I can see forever!

I'd advice you to watch a lot of YouTube lsdj tutorials. There are some tricks to overcome those limitations in a way smile


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Guess what.. I'm still excited.


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All I saw was a lot of shouting in tweets.
I don't like shouting in tweets.


I know it can't do that right now..
I'm saying: can a lsdj version be made that listens to midi clock and sends notes out.

I'm saying this with almost 0 knowledge about the midi and gameboy-link protocol... But...

If the GB can't SEND both midi notes and ticks at the same time..
Could it be set up in such a way that is SENDS midi notes and RECIEVES clock ticks?
So you set a drum computer as a master and lsdj as a slave that also sends midi notes...

You'd probably won't be able to use the groove tables and T commands, but you can sync smile

Edit: no wait, groove would still work...

If it needs a flasher, it doesn't deliver the same performance as a DnD as I see it...
The whole point is the drag and drop.
Plus that littleFM can store multiple sav's on the rom on the go with a DnD.
Maybe this one can too, I dunno.

There's also the bennvenn cart, which seems like a good budget option.

It's interesting tho.

Those are some interesting sounds smile