Ruksok (This time consisting of Men of Mega, Xyce, RoccoW, Monodeer and Timbob) made a new album.

Ruksok - Ongepast Warm

"Born from different mothers but the same goatfather, a couple of men were brought on this earth to annoy all living things with bad humor and even worse music."

The album is called Ongepast Warm (Inappropriately Warm). On the album, we used famitracker, a drumcomputer, 2 notes in plogue chipsounds and some chords on an old Yamaha keyboard, so it meets all the criteria to be chiptune, right? (But it's mostly shredding on guitars, blasting on drums, screaming in a microphone and drinking lots of beer)



  1. Gebruik de acceptgiro 02:05

  2. Kantoorsatanist 00:51

  3. Klontbolling 00:41

  4. Ongepast warm 01:28

  5. Tim en zijn woongroep 01:31

  6. Vaginale infectie 02:03

  7. Veganistische holocaust 00:31

  8. Vleeslijm 00:45

  9. Zaadgieter 01:48

Released September 4, 2016

Guitar/Vocals/Stürmbahnführer - Bart de Jong
Vocals/Recording/Keys - Rocco Wouters
Guitar/Beerskills - Tom Offringa
Bass/Famitracker/Vocals - Jasper ten Kleij
Keys/Drumcomputer/Roadie - Tim Schuit
Bass/Vocals/Beerstealing - Mark van den Heuvel
Moral support/Photo's - Marieke Vos
Drums/"mastering" - Roel Heerspink

Get it here:

Icekit01 wrote:

Hi! are you still selling? also do you still have a cartridge?

The original post was from 2012...
Even the lsdj version is outdated big_smile


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Get a time machine and go back 5 years. That was the best time to buy gameboy said for 5 bucks a piece.

Other than that, I can't really help you.

herr_prof wrote:

My gripe with little fm is that it default boots into the little FM menu, is there a way around that? Because yea otherwise its perfect.

Ah well, one B press is worth the 7 extra saves, me thinks smile

DnD with littleFM is the best you can get.
Although the bennvenns sound quite good.


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Ask kenobit.

So, is this cart going to combine the analog sounds with the gameboy sounds, or only the three mono sounds...

Because an all in one was what I was expecting wink

Make a special player that loops the songs till you press next. Then it will fade and start the next song.

LittleFM is a way to store up to 8 sav files inside the Rom on a DnD cart.
Be sure to save the current rom before loading another one tho. People learned the hard way wink

Best thing since sliced chips.
http://blog.gg8.se/wordpress/2013/02/04 … -released/

Kigb is weird..
What i did was:

Get a sav, get a rom.
Place the save in the battery folder
Rename the rom like the sav
Open the rom.

Once you opened a rom, and you replace the sav, it won't work.

I have no clue why tho.

So, always place a sav in the folder before opening the rom.

Looks like marble.

Anyway, the time and money you will need to spend restoring if won't match up to buying a new case.


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If your DMG can't keep up, the GBP won't either, since the processor / speed is the same.
Form factor is the only difference between those two. (And some small other things.. Sounds a bit different etc)

If you need faster processing you should go for GBC or GBA /SP

And if form is important, build an SP into a DMG shell.

Never had stability issues with a DnD.
I did have some stability issues with my batteries tho.

Three words:
Wood side paneling.

New topic:
Most professional looking gender in chiptune?

noisewaves wrote:
Knife Crimes wrote:

USBboy won't work as it isn't a USB MIDI host device. Far simpler to use Arduinoboy with DIN MIDI.

Ah i see, so would something like this work for what I need?

That's the one you want