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Please disregard the post above, I already found a musician. (Is there a way to delete a post?)

You can edit the post and remove the content smile

But saying someone sounds like MySpace 2008 when you yourself sound like Sega 1992 isn't that strong of a point honestly.

Maybe we should invite him to visit tho. He says he's looking for other people who make music with YM chip.

Although it doesn't help that when people point out they make sega music as well and you insult them...

I dunno.
I just want everybody to just get along, you know.

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Vaina Moinen wrote:

Chill out guys, I read the article, there's literally no one in the world doing what he's doing right now.

True. None of us is claiming to be the sole original composer on YM2612 and then telling Shirobon his music sounds like MySpace on 2008. So yes, this guy is pretty fucking original.

I must admit, it was quite a witty comeback big_smile

He doesn't seem to be out on making friends in the chiptune scene.

How is it different making music with the Yamaha YM2612 chip instead of just using hardware or computer software?

I have the sound chip and what I do is drag a sound into the sound frame and then it decodes. If I like the bassline on Green Hill Zone, I can put that in there and it gets the instrument for me and I can use that to make my own pattern out of it. It’s a really hands-on process, there’s no preset for bass, leads, etc. I have to manually go into the sound chip and find the instrument that I want and then I can tweak it to my liking.

I never heard of anyone making music using old video-game hardware!
It's like... Sonic... At... A... Rave!

Also: it's now possible to write an article without using even 2 seconds of google-time..

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ROM and RAM are different things. LSDj primarily uses 128 kBytes of battery-backed RAM. My program LittlleFM, linked above, can back up this RAM to the flash chip that's also holding LSDj. However, this only works on certain cartridges. In particular, the Gameboy cannot write to the flash chip on EMS 64M because of how the hardware is designed. So this could never work on this cartridge. Sorry.

A sort of workaround for this, with limited functionality:
You can compose an file on a DnD cart with multiple save banks, and put that on an EMS cart.
That way you still have 8 save files you can load. The obvious problem is that you can't save in those sav's.

But it is useful if you want a cart for playback only. I use it with my DJ sets.


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What I heard is that most clone systems have crappy sound quality...


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I use littleFM on my EMS64 as well. Can't save multiple sav's but can send sav's via link cable, so yeah, should work smile


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LittleFM won't save the flash file, but would it be possible to still send the sav via cable? That way, with a bennvenn with littleFM and, say, a drag n derp, you can still easily backup your sav's smile

I might need one of those....


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1: Steal some songs, release then as your own
2: Get called out, say you're sorry, release your own material.
3: ???
4: profit.


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While this is of course cool, i like Lsdj stickers etc, did you check this with Johan? The guy who made LSDJ.

Because selling his logo, which is his IP, without him knowing it, is of course not cool.

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Timbob wrote:

These look really cool big_smile
I made a few aboys myself, but this sure is a lot easier and less messy wink
Did the pro-mini boards ever get made? Since I still have a few of those...

Nope. I sort of abandoned that idea (for now) because the UNO clones are pretty close to the same price as a pro mini clone, and the boards aren't really that much smaller. I'd probably do an SMT aboy before I do an pro-mini board because then the boards would get REALLY small. I probably wouldn't sell those as kits though, so I need to figure out assembly with a reflow oven so it's on the back burner.

Makes sense wink

These look really cool big_smile
I made a few aboys myself, but this sure is a lot easier and less messy wink
Did the pro-mini boards ever get made? Since I still have a few of those...


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Yup smile

Yes please


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Have some yes's