Any word on the NES cart issues? Nesdev decided to ignore the thread.

We wrote about this a while back: … se/1815350

1986? C64 direct.

Dan Harmon is from Milwaukee. Respect deez nuts.


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yes! may it be modeled after laura dore's behind!



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:: looking up Laura Dore ::


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No irony!

I forget NBC probably didn't have these Public Service Announcements worldwide. From the wiki:

"The More You Know is a series of Emmy Award-winning public service announcements (PSAs) broadcast on the NBCUniversal family of channels in the United States and other locations. The spots feature personalities from various NBC shows. Tom Brokaw was the first person to do a The More You Know spot; it aired on NBC in January 1989 (these replaced the One to Grow On PSAs that were used from 1983 to 1989). The first 'comet trail' star logo was created by Paul Johnson on an animation stand using a slit scan technique at R/Greenberg Associates (now R/GA Digital Studios) in Manhattan. They were later updated using 3D CG. These PSAs are broadcast regularly during NBC's programming in primetime, late night, and Saturday morning."

Here's an example:

In short, I didn't know about the differences in triangle waveform generation. I researched it a bit after reading your post. I now feel a bit smarter than I did this time last week.


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akira^8GB wrote:
RG wrote:

I was thinking AHX or Musicline. A triangle wave is a triangle wave regardless of the machine it's produced on, right?

Well, no, it depends, since there are different methods to produce it, and then you pass it by an 8-bit DAC... in this case I have to say, it's detrimental to the case of the Amiga: it ends up sounding like shit if it exceeds one or two cycles.

But when you do cycle ones you are limited by the frequency response... It's a tough one every time I try to get decent bass on my Amiga.

Damn son! Thanks Akira!


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Oi, bringing a sampler to a synth fight is like toting a gun in a MA contest wink


I was thinking AHX or Musicline. A triangle wave is a triangle wave regardless of the machine it's produced on, right?


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Four RG artists and counting. Nice work.

Ok, so I just threw PR-8 and Pulsar on a hacked NES cart using ne7's method and here's what I found -

PR-8: The main screen comes up but nothing happens. It's basically a static picture; no cursor, no values, nothing. I went to test PR-8 in Nestopia and oddly enough I get the same exact behavior. @Neil: Is the rom corrupt or am I missing something? I downloaded the proper files from your site yesterday.

After some tinkering around I realized that if you drop a save file on the "frozen screen" in Nestopia it works perfectly. This is obviously a problem on a hacked NES cart, as you cannot just drop a save file on the NES. wink After even more tinkering I realized that if you jam the power button a few times you will eventually get a bunch of random values for your instruments/songs/etc. It basically opens a save file which never existed. Clear the data and you're set. Just don't "clear all" otherwise you're back to square one.

Side note - the Reset button doesn't really work with PR-8. It will basically turn the NES off.

Pulsar: Works in Nestopia, does not work on the hacked NES cart. The main screen/cursor/tempo section displays fine, but the whole center sequence/value section is a solid color with no values. Oddly enough you can program sounds/sequences, but it freezes after about two seconds...and you may as well be blindfolded. wink

Unlike NTRQ and PR-8 which can work after some power reset fuckery, Pulsar just gives random garbled screens.

Any thoughts? Everything was soldered correctly/etc.

Nova!cain does professional tattooing. He also did the artwork for the CCDM 7" and half the artwork for Hexadeci's alone in the dark 7"

I know this isn't the place for NTRQ glitches, but when you press left or right while holding A+B in the song section (top center) a bunch of weird shit happens in both an emulator and the actual hardware.

I have yet to check out the manual, so this might be desired.

@ne7: Glad we could be of some assistance!

Ok, a minor change to the powering process - I was corrected this morning.

1) Power the nes with the cart inserted. Do not push the cart down.
2) Wait for a flash or two and push the cart down with the power still running.
3) Power off/on once rapidly.

Try again if this doesn't work. I managed to get it working with the NES Open cart and the Shingen the Ruler cart, using both xx10 and xx20 eproms.

Would it be possible to add a separate power switch to the cart itself?

Hey everyone, I have good news and bad news.

Bad news - I tested this with a third NES Open cart, Shingen the Ruler cart and Ultima Exodus cart and they all had the same exact no sound/glitch/freeze behavior. I soldered both sides/used the correct eproms/etc. No luck.

Good news - Stagediver happened to be over later that night. I showed him the problem and he called me a noob and got it working using some bizarre power reset method. I asked him why it works and he responded with "it's fucking magic, bitch." He was sober, I swear.

Anyway, here's how he got it working:

Insert the hacked cart and power the NES like normal. Wait for the ntrq logo, but instead of letting the program load, pop the cart back up for one flash (or one second) with the *power still on*, press the cart back down and hit power off/on *once* very rapidly.   

A blank song (or song saved in ram) should be loaded. Your tune automatically saves to ram. Works like a charm. If you don't use this method, the program will not work properly.

A serious "what the fuck" is in order here. Why this works is beyond the scope of my knowledge.

Why does this work? More importantly, how did he just know to do this? Is this an old secret?

ne7 wrote:

phew! finally got some time + the postman delivered me a NES open golf cartridge today (not Famicom) so I spent a few mins getting inside and checking out what was causing the problem for RG --- check out the following picture after I snipped off the PRG rom:

It seems just to make life harder good ole' NIN decided to solder each and every pin on both sides of the board on the N.E.S - so if you are following my Famicom guide religiously - this is what is causing you problems getting NTRQ working on one of these boards.

Simply solder each and every pin that connects to the board on both sides... and use a 27c020 eprom smile as that is the drop in replacement for the board in question just to be on the safe side.


First off, thanks for your hard work in resolving the issues, let alone the actual research in getting this to work. As echoed before, you are legend.

So I desoldered the chips, put them back onto the boards and soldered both sides (just like the first two times I tried this) and it still isn't working. I did notice that the traces look differently on the PRG portion of my boards. Perhaps I have two that don't want to play nice? Maybe it's my chip burner?

I'm going to source a third board and try again.