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Why are you guys talking like something has changed??? the site looks like it always does to me.


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I just feel like art shouldn't have any "wrongs" ;s
variation creates new genres
music is just a personal thing to me I guess, it's great for someone to tell you they like what you made, and it's fine for them to give their opinion, it's just not something I would ask for. To each his own I guess.


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does anyone else think that CC (I meant constructive criticism not creative commons) is completely fucking useless? I have never wanted it


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it6's fun and excellent


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herr_prof wrote:
Lazerbeat wrote:

I have a tutorial on shutting the up and sucking my fat one if you want to see it?

Im not into micromusic.



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awesome, i love the sound texture and short bleeps on Untitled 37


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here in dallas but it's during sxsw
http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/6016/ … arch-17th/

he was giving his subjective opinion
i wonder what the <country> was ;s

it is beautiful

Hell yeah. I will certainly be there.

*blort blort*

it's bad


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how about top likes

he's hiding the logo on the back ;<