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I like how I can write shitty, mediocre tracks and get away with it because TRVE CH1P.


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sandneil wrote:

remember the MC 303 ... lol
and the Jupiter 80
and the SH 201...

This. Roland doesn't exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to this kind of stuff. I wish that they would rerelease the Jupiter 8 for real, like what Korg did for the MS-20. Tbh, I just wish someone would release an affordable polysynth that doesn't suck. IT'S 2014!


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Saskrotch wrote:

Haven't killed myself yet!

Noplanet wrote:

lots of good libretto deals on ebay right now. wink  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … AQ:US:1123

DO WANT. I have a 50ct, but that's one sexy machine...

Sesska wrote:

to me Reason (older versions than 3 at least) just popped up as the most intuitive, easy and versatile music making program...

So I'm not the only one! I loved Reason 3... but I just can't get used to 4+. Maybe I"ll just install 3 again...

extreme zan-zan-zawa-veia wrote:

probably firefox

god knows that when i open fami or openmpt or renoise or something i spend ten minutes writing a bassline, think "this has already been done" and then browse to kongregate or something

I know that feel...


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I rip off everyone's methods posted here!

Well, not really... maybe I should though.

I start with a random beat, bassline, melody, or chord sequence. Looping this, I then additively come up with the rest of the components of the song, ending up with a complete, usually 1-pattern loop. From this master pattern, I subtractively build the rest of the song.

I then proceed to get stuck, hopelessly frustrated, depressed, intoxicated, then depressed. LOL

Adlib Tracker II - all time favorite
Milkytracker - #2
Renoise - #4
I can't bring myself to use a piano roll-type sequencer... but I keep trying.
I can't seem to actually finish anything either, but that's another story lol.


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Sounds great! It makes me wish I was good at sample-based tracking... Keep it up!


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Yep, the SoundBlaster never ceases to amaze me...


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Catchy melodies indeed! +1


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I'm glad I waited to do this then... I don't have an IDE card adaptor, and was planning an unnecessarily convoluted scheme to install it another way. Lol... SBAITSO should be a feature on all modern OS's. Might be the keyboard though, 'cause it seems to be different than any of my other computers/keyboards. On every other one I own, I could only press a certain amount of keys down at a time before it would start beeping at me or not registering keystrokes. On the libretto, however, I could practically mash the whole thing without losing keystrokes. Maybe the keyboard puts out too much simultaneous data for DOS?

Hmm... that doesn't sound right. I think I'll have to go with 'mysterious hardware-specific issue' as well big_smile


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This is awesome! It really resonates with me.


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I have a Libretto 50CT that freezes after a few keystrokes in DOS as well. But, if I run it from a command prompt in Win 3.1, it allows me to compose just fine. Strange... I only experience a slowdown in performance if the track is very macro-heavy. I ought to try installing DOS 7.1 one of these days. I bought a Compaq Presario with a beefier CPU to handle heavy tracks for $35, so I guess that was my solution lol.