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Tomy and Ukko from the group Live! coded a music disk to my music, for Atari STe. I'm a bit between demoscene and chiptune, so to me it means a lot. I started "real" chiptune in 2009, and so far, I had never released anything for the machine I love so much. Actually, the reason why I keep my tracks simple and do not want to merge too many machines (like DMG + ST) is that I've always wanted to release such a disk. Live! made it possible, thanks guys !
So here is a compilation of tracks for your STe or emulator. OK, the tracks are not new, but well, the intro is awesome and really worth it : )

Go get an Atari and a floppy disk

I was supposed to be present at the party but I managed to miss my flight. This cool intro cheers me up a bit : )
Bye !

A quick message to let you know that I released a little EP with Bleepstreet. It contains 6 of the tracks I've been composing this summer. It's entirely made on Atari STe, using maxYMiser by gwEm. 327 ko of square basses, sid waves, YM glitches and chip arps.

Artwork by Bleepstreet. You can listen to it there :

Thanks for listening ♪♫

Tell me when you get the recipe for his bass dude

Nice tunes, The Gaunlet is the coolest in my opinion too. Your thread title made me laugh because "amateur", just like you oppose it to "professional", which doesn't exist I think big_smile

Pics or it didn't happen.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultrasyd/s … 736830544/
http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultrasyd/s … 745950573/


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Thanks for posting ! And see you very soon Yerzmyey : )


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Of course Timbob is documented : ) I must come to the next Eindbaas or die btw


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I'm sharing the link here because I have mostly posted a bit of music so far, but I also try to take pictures of the artists playing at the chip gigs I go to, when I can. Everything is now uploaded to Flickr.


If you want to use a picture for your website or anything, it's all good ! Non-commercial use only and credits, that's all : ) Also, if someone want a picture of him removed, as it has already been the case, just ask.

You guys look so good ! I love chip shows \o/ Gonna attend to more next year and get some more equipment.


Some pictures :
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set … amp;type=1


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OK : ) Might give it a try, but I won't go over 130 for BPM. Is it fine ? As you said fast


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France / Switzerland here. Many people are from Central Europe. Maybe we should make a party all together - you are right, it's just a matter of hours big_smile

Amstrad CPC around 1988

Thanks for streaming : )


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auxcide i want your arturia minibrute pls thx