Very sad to hear, they had a huge impact on this community, and I trust they will live on through the framework and foundation they've made for the rest of us


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Ninten Kwon Do wrote:

e.s.c. has a point. I don't even publish my non dance chip because it isn't what people are into...but maybe that's a mistake?

This is pretty much me, and possibly why I kinda burned out on making new music.


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Sit Tight Bravo One (We're Coming To Bring You Home) is seriously one of my favorite chip tracks ever! SO GOOD!


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Hey, so I recently purchased a NES console and whenever I try to play games on it I get a solid blue screeen, I've cleaned up the contacts on the board and the 72 pin connector. Do I need to buy a new 72 pin? Thanks!

Were you using the same set of AAs in both game boys?

I'm just commenting because reddit is full of drama and I'm bored.

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n00bstar wrote:


Now someone else is gonna get the free exposure! I was totally just trying to ruin this thread so I could grab that sweet-ass contract for myself.

Same thing happened to me a few years ago when someone snatched up this sweet deal on a bridge in Brooklyn I was trying to get.

Hey leave my bridge outta this!

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Basically: wrote:


Feryl wrote:

Butthurt much?

This is the internet, I have the right to be butthurt!

I've been waiting to use this for a long time

This is amazing! If you get around to it some colored and un-colored DMG shells would be cool too!

I just spray wd40 on the volume knob.


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BLEO wrote: we'll never die because we'll never give a fu¢k.

can this go on the quote bubble please?


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I'm from the U.S. too and I haven't gotten mine yet so you aren't alone. Plus people from the uk just got theirs about a week ago so it'll prolly be a while still.