yes. we're gonna need picks and code, if available.

i may not be able to help, but i have built a couple midi devices run off of teensy in the past so idk....

is it possible to send midi out from your gameboy to ableton? i'd also suggest checking that and letting us know what's up

word up. I'll try to get on this in a couple days.

wedanced wrote:

...... the N64 basically used general midi and or samples if i recall... It didn't even have a devoted soundchip that synthesized sounds or playback.... the CPU did it.

What he did in this video is replicate synthesis techniques for 8bit machines like the NES and GB.

Just did a bit of research lookin for legend of zelda soundfonts, and yes.
This article provides more information: … on-the-n64

it's all cpu and soundfonts yo.

Also: just gonna share my findings of N64 soundfonts here (there are various vsts out there that allow you to open .sf2 files, do a google search): … dfont.html

I'm debating writing a small little diy guide on cmo about using soundfonts. Not sure if this has been done before or if there is any interest... but yeah, should i? (I'm not the expert, by far, but idk)


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that fucker would be from maine LOL


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an0va wrote:

I've seen chipocrite use a similar unit live a few times. It ruled.

Damn... beat me to the punch!

Btw, I'm told you can totally sync the cv of this jawn via a drawn waveform (lsdj perhaps?)

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no but in reality I did it because 3 and 4

herr_prof wrote:

1. Artists who think classic video games sounds where awesome, and their arrangements where the best possible way of expression.
2. Artists who think classic arrangements where tops, but wish they could be recorded with better instrumentation
3. Artists who love classic game sounds, but wish they could be used to make different genres of music.
4. Artists who love classic game sounds, but want to use them in ways that arent possible under the limitations of old hardware
5. Artists who sabotage their creative output by posting too much on the internet.

I don't wish to be rude... but none of those are the reasons why i got into chiptune

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