Oh, hi! Glad to hear that you're interested in making your own NES visuals! Yes, I do write custom software in 6502 assembly. I'll agree that learning the programming language and hardware specifications requires a LOT of patience and persistence. Here are some ideas for getting started with NES visuals:

1. As a way to get started quickly (i.e., without programming), you might like playing with graphical ROM hacking (with YY-CHR, for example). This is an easy way to become familiar with the graphic format of NES games. Check out romhacking.net for more information on ROM hacking.
2. NO CARRIER's glitchnes and NESFlix and blargg's litewall are awesome NES visual programs that require little to no programming experience and are well documented. The great thing about these ROMs is that they're really suited for visuals, and you'll be able to add your own graphics using a program like YY-CHR. I tried out NESFlix recently, and I was able to make a ROM from an animated GIF in under 30 minutes (!).
3. If you're looking to make truly custom visuals and willing to devote some serious time to learning 6502 assembly, I would recommend the NES programming tutorials on the Nintendo Age forums. (In my opinion, NESDev is not the absolute best place for beginners.)

Best of luck to you!


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This is tomorrow! I fully expect to see you Austin people at the Highball. heart


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pixls wrote:

when are you coming back up to the east coast??

Plans are in the works! heart

And thanks for the video upload, Jacob!


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Oh, yup, that's it. (Also, I'm pretty sure there's a weird misquote of me saying that there aren't 8-bit processors or assembly anymore or something...? There are totally still all those things.)


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Thanks, everyone! I haven't seen any gameplay video from the Juegos Rancheros event. It was pretty dark, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't any.

However, the Austin Chronicle did a story and took this photo of the hardware setup in my "office." You can spot the title screen on the left monitor (and a big stash of Sailor Moon manga behind me...!)

Hey, everyone! Just thought I would post a little note to say that I released the cooperative audio+visual program "TRACK+FEEL II" for NES earlier this week. The download link is http://femicom.org/articles/download-trackfeelii.php. The game is best played with two players on an NES using a standard controller in the P1 port and a Power Pad dance mat in the P2 port, but you can also play in an emulator. (See the readme for details.)

Someone posted a gameplay video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mK9piGRN6tM. The user applied some Game Genie hacks, though it's hard to tell what kind of damage they did wink.

Anyway, hope you enjoy playing/remixing/destroying this free ROM release! xoxox, PT!H!


From the readme.txt:

;;    _.-~-._.-~-._.-~-._.-~-._   
;;       ABOUT TRACK+FEEL II       
;;    ~-._.-~-._.-~-._.-~-._.-~   

TRACK+FEEL II is a cooperative, interactive, glitch-art installation for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The custom software is controlled by a standard Nintendo controller and a Nintendo Power Pad mat controller. Two or more players must work together to discover the rules of the "game" as well as its goal. Some players may wish to minimize visual or aural disorder, while others may wish to maximize it. TRACK+FEEL II aims to present glitches and generative chaos as tools of construction rather than destruction. It is inspired by audiovisual experiences in chiptune performances and the collaborative, friendly interaction they inspire.

TRACK+FEEL II was installed at the Platform Centre in Winnipeg, MB from June 21-July 28, 2012 as part of an art exhibition titled "Reset: Post-Consumer Gamer Culture."


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DATAPOOP! I haven't heard anything yet, but I am in support of this happening again.

Reteris--Yes, that was the weekend before smile. I'm really bummed that I couldn't stay for your set. I was sick and also that cat was trying to kill me.
herr_prof--I was at that, too! I didn't see you there, but I had to leave really early to go to a wedding. Juegos events are very good things. There's a rumor that the next one might have some NES dev goodness.


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Really looking forward to the development of NES sound engine stuff... even being able to export instrument data would be incredibly handy. Best of luck! heart

I had so, so, so much fun at my first Blip. Amazing performances and amazing people smile. Thank you all for rocking so hard. I'm back home now but can't wait to see you all again!


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ASCII4evr! Yes.

There are a few other freeware tools that I use when sharing NES art online. These programs might be out of the realm of this list because they are not pixel-art specific. But I thought I would mention them because they have been helpful to me and might be helpful to others.

UnFreez is a small, simple animated GIF creator for Windows. I use this to make animated GIFs from NES emulator footage. http://www.whitsoftdev.com/unfreez/ (EDIT... oh, already on the list! Missed that, I guess... -__-)

VirtualDub is another Windows program that I use when making animated GIFs or movie files from NES footage. You can do nearest-neighbor enlargements on emulator footage to get larger crisp AVIs, export animated GIFs or stills, add audio tracks, trim footage, interlace, and change video frame rate. It's the only video editing software I've used that won't totally kill the pixels smile. http://www.virtualdub.org/


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Like like!


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What a lovely list; thank you for putting this together! I will look through my machines (Mac, PC, and Linux) to see if I have anything to add here.
Just a small note: The posted link for YY-CHR is an old version--0.97, I think. Version 0.99 includes a nametable editor, which is a huuuge new feature for this program. YY-CHR 0.99 can be downloaded at http://www.smwcentral.net/download.php? … type=tools

Gonna be in NYC from the Wednesday before Blip until Tuesday. Hope to hang out with lots of people while I'm in town. I also plan to try out this "NY-style pizza" I've been hearing so much about. smile

Say, could the PC-->NES transfer work the other way, too (NES-->PC)? Being able to send and receive network data could be interesting...

Your work is divine, sir; thank you for sharing your gift with us. I need to write some appz up in my NES now. smile


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This is really nice! Would love to check out this handheld some day when more money is had. smile