For a little while this was a thing I did that may interest the OP


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egr wrote:

Have a look at  Thats my go to resource website.  See if you can improve on whats already been done there or at least fill in some blanks.  Good luck!

This should contain almost all the links you could ever need.. perhaps ask to contribute to this already developed and respected site

looking forward to Alligator William playing the open mic

I know cTrix played down there with Bankai who knows some people

all in Hobart as far as I know... Tom and I tried to organise something... but maybe with a Man on the ground now we can get something together for when MONA FOMA is on!?!

second the fact that Free releases dont show up being annoying as there are tonnes more of those that I have grabbed

This is not only the best definition of Chipmusic ever written it has a great list of books and papers at the end (including mine)


Details for the Sydney event!/eve … 6/?fref=ts

Fauxhound.. considering I have a gig in Adelaide the weekend before and Square Sounds the weekend after I can't see it happening..

When I come to NZ I wanna make it worthwhile and have enough time to travel around.. (It will happen.. and prob next year)



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ui - Killer Beats I and II


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he works for MEXICO so is pretty big deal

I'm Sorry

I'll stop now


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I never thought I would see Riff Raff being discussed in a Chipmusic forum...

I actually agree that a polite approach is much better... It makes me nervous when the chipscene attacks other artists who appreciate this music enough to "sample" it... Even if to them that means lifting the whole basis of the track and sticking a beat under it...

I don't know if attribution is the only issue here?
I hope it is...

but still... I hate the idea that the chip scene will be seen from the outside as an insular group of copyright nazi's instead of open minded copy-leftists
#thoughts #hatersgonhate


srsly sad to be missing this

A Future ....