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Since I'm sure there's probably a few fans here, an indie team has remade and remastered the original game and it's ports for Windows AND IT'S FREE.

19 playable characters, 64 enemies, 103 stages, and 76 music tracks. It also has an editor and multiple modes.

I have fond minutes of playing this in 10 minute stints on a Sega Game Gear, and spending all the money I could muster on batteries.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrPnVhI7 … r_embedded



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It'll be nice to put in references to other indie games and projects. I love Ika's work, he recently put in Gomez from Fez in Merveilles.


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Cheers man, I actually have very little experience with videogame design and development bar some middleware experience and some light programming, I haven't a portfolio or anything, I stopped for a while whilst I studied film and media at a college level because I began to hate videogames, mainstream games usually bore the hell out of me and I needed something new. I play a lot of indie games, mostly indie games in fact, and do little reviews and write ups every now and again, If it wasn't for the indie scene I would never have thought about getting into game design.

I think everyone has picked up a map editor at some point, I used to have a ton of awful CS Source maps I made knocking about. I'm in the process of teaching myself Unity and a few languages, hopefully I'll have something to show for my effort at some point, but I am or was notoriously unproductive. The last 'game' I actually completed to a point was a 6 month collaborative project in RPG Maker with a friend, that was a very long time ago.


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Definitely get a thread going on tigsource if you haven't already, the feedback other developers and designers could give is really rewarding, that and if you need any hep on anything they're a great community. There are also a lot of articles on design and such which provide some interesting perspectives.

Really interesting so far, glad to see some progress since I last checked up on this. I was accepted onto a game design and development degree today to start in September so I may be of some help in later months.

Cortex Command is still under active development, I think the Linux release of it may be an exclusive early release with the bundle.

Osmos, Revenge of the Titans and Braid are well worth a look, I really like Osmos. If the quality of the games is a concern there are demos available for all but Braid I think, there may be a Braid demo on Steam but not for Linux.


http://www.puppygames.net/downloads/?ga … the-titans

This event is an investment and a means of helping others, a win win situation, the last bundle was so successful another developer put Samorost 2 in after it was completed as a thank you to everyone who took part, also the games became open source for people to take a look at, modify and personally use.

General discussion, thought people might like to jump on this while they can, a few people here do game development, soundtracks come with some of them. There's chiptune music and pixel art there. Plus everyone likes helping, all the money helps kids in hospitals and small time developers.

Game shown Revenge of the Titans.

A while ago I participated (entered my paypal details and sat on my backside) in the Humble Indie Bundle, a charity event in which participants paid what they wanted for 5 indie games (all cross platform and DRM free) and good news everyone, it’s back!


Braid, Machinarium, Osmos, Cortex Command (and all future updates free) and Revenge of the Titans (Exclusive Launch) now available in a pay what you want bundle for charity. DRM free, cross platform and eventually Steam activated. ITS FOR CHARITY FOR CHRIST SAKE GO HELP SOME SICK CHILDREN. Basically it's a way to get some awesome games and help some sick kids in the process, there's even a gift code option so it's a great Christmas present for any PC gamer.

Details here:



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I dabble a little in game design, planning to take it at degree level this coming September.

The art style reminds me of Under The Garden, which is awesome and people should play it if they haven't

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0YuWjsk … re=related


Here's some links a few of you might like:

http://www.kongregate.com/games/jorgnsn/get-home- A browser game/music video for a Team Me song

http://blurst.com/paper-moon/ - 2.5D Platformer playable in the browser

http://wiki.xxiivv.com/Interactive - Games created by chip musician Aliceffekt!

http://www.indiegamethemovie.com/ - Interesting Indie Game documentary in the works.

Live streaming of the event available here!


Open mic underway.


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He's an excellent live performer, I've seen him play 4 or 5 times now, really nice guy too. He's absolutely insane on violin and keytar, one of the highlights for me was his duet with goto80 in Newcastle.


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I really like Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, he also did Squee!, Everything Can Be Beaten and I Feel Sick. All really good.
I've just finished Scott Pilgrim recently, loved it.
There's this graphic novel called The Clarence Principle, which I loved.
Hatter M is awesome.
I've been reading a lot of Batman recently, Jokers Asylum, Year One, Year One Hundred, Hush, Arkham Asylum: A Serious House...


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I really like my HTC Hero, its never failed me before. Its not the latest model or anything but it does the job and its cheaper than an iphone.

I use it as a reading device, a guitar tuner, a means of organizing my life on the go and when the firmware update is released I'll probably game a lot more on it. I've never experienced any problems with speed, and I leave mine hooked up to my netbook pretty much all the time I'm at home.


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I really like Existentialism, Shoegaze, comics, manga, anime, chess, vinyl records and books (Everything from Sartre to Carroll to Murakami). I'm self teaching programming and I would play table top battle games all day if I had a worthy opponent.

I also really like explosions and fire, but that's more the suppressed evil genius inside of me than my quiet nerdy side.

Yay Combat Dave is back.

I used my GH controllers with this little program called Fret Buzz, was pretty good to jam with, wouldn't fancy breaking it out live though, rather just tape a midi controller to my actual guitar or something.


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Lovecraft, Existentialism, Life and things I enjoy.


Anything on 31G, especially Blood Brothers. Love their early projects too. Loads of old Screamo such as Saetia, Pg.99 et cetera.

I liked the Casualties for a while but then I got into garage punk like The Fuzztones and The Gruesomes.

Adore Circle Takes The Square and At The Drive-In.