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I've been wanting to get back into chipmusic shit for a while now (it's been a good few years since I've done anything chip-related), but as much as I love LDSJ, I work a lot better in a DAW like Ableton or FL. MIDI control seems like the way to go.

Is the Arduinoboy still the way to go for MIDI -> GB? Or is there a better toy I could play around with?

Also, will I have LSDJ-levels of control over each sound/patch? Or will it be basic pulse waves and stuff? This'll be my first foray into external midi.

Sooooo I've been totally out of the chip scene for a good year now. What did I miss?


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Even if this was considered good, this sounds nothing like the original song.

Digital Darwin wrote:

they are missing the magi with recording with a real gameboy :'(

studies have shown that people who record from hardware are 130% less likely to be atacked by a swarm of wasps than people who use emulators and vsts


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I've got a breakcore/amiga thrash side project thing in the works. I'll hit u up on Facebook when I'm all ready, yo


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defPREMIUM wrote:

i always have a visceral reaction to the word "chiptune"; idk why

well what else do we fucking call it then, lol


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chunter wrote:

At 14-15 you should have your parents help you find gigs if that's really what you want. Being under 18 can cause issues.

This. I'm 17 at the moment, and as much as I love my parents' support, it can get really annoying having to check age policies and the like. Victory Road knows the deal :U

A lot of the venues I've played at have been 18+ and with alcohol on site. It usually ends up fine, as the guys holding the events are often super chill, but it is still tedious having to find all that stuff out instead of just going "Yup I can play, no worries!"

It's possible, just be prepared for some extra background work!

Dot.AY wrote:


Rubijaq / Rubenjam / Ivanbro

Maaaaaan, I miss Rubijaq. Used to chat with him a year or two ago about uni and stuff. Just an all-round cool guy.

Evil Scientist wrote:

Monstervision, Abortifacient, Kraettz, Cheapshot...

I almost saw Abortifacient last night at a demoparty. Turns out he couldn't make it though sad
The night before I -did- see Derris Kharlan, who was high up on my to-see list. Not disappointed!


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Downstate wrote:

i keep it all under downstate because im lazy
none of my music of late has been 8 bit really
but i also make music with a friend and we are called S L V
sounds like dis

Aaaaall the way. S L V is hecka good, and I urge everyone to listen.


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Pretty much everything I do as Chainsaw Police is non-chip. I'm thinking of releasing my stockpile of chipthrash and amigacore under a new name, but that's for the future, yo.

It came with Win98SE, and I'm running MS-DOS 7.1 from a boot floppy (I like command lines, but I hate the MS-DOS command line :U ). The SoundBlaster doesn't register automatically, but I'll report back if I find anything that can help smile

Just got a Compaq Armada (100S) off a mate today, and I was hoping I'd be able to get some wacky SB16 shenanigans up and running. This guide is just what I need!


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Bit wish wrote:

Ok, why is this a thread? And why is it not closed?

get a load of this dork


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Righto, Arnie/egr's snagged up the cart in trade for some Amiga gear. Updated the topic title/body to reflect that.


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Apparently v2.5.5