Probably the Sony Pocketstation. I made a lil sequencer for it.

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It's not inspired by the GenMDM, but you can certainly make Megadrive-esque music with it. smile

I am quite certain some of the Digitone developers own GenMDM and were inspired by it, (and other FM synths.)

I guess you're referring to the Cuckoo video from NAMM - I think we touched on the Megadrive at some part, Cuckoo is a big fan of chipmusic as well. I don't mean to be a nitpicky asshole, I just don't want there to be a misconception. The Digitone is not designed to be similar to the YM2612 in any way, but since they're both 4OP you can go into that area of sounds, certainly. That said, the heavy quantization noise and aliasing of the 2612 (and output from Megadrive+various verisons of it) is a big part of the specific sound of the Megadrive/GenMDM.

I regret selling my GenMDM now, years later... There's something special about every Yamaha chip and its implementation! (I'm more of an OPL3 guy though...)

Wasn't there some person making 3rd party GenMDMs and selling them on eBay? Can't remember how long ago that was, but perhaps there is hope for a DIY solution?

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Elektron Digitone FM synthesizer (inspired by GenMDM)]

It's not inspired by the GenMDM, but you can certainly make Megadrive-esque music with it. smile

Sure, here you go - middle octave being played with single sine tone: png, wav

Rendered at 96khz. You can clearly both hear and see the aliasing.
You don't need to bandlimit the playback or anything fancy, linear interpolation will do fine on sinewaves.
(However, the sharper waveforms will probably still alias a bit, that's where you would want to start bandlimiting or simply oversampling)

I know I'm being a bit anal but... The program is very impressive already and I would love to see it improve.

If you don't have any interpolation at all, aliasing will be noticeable depending on the frequency played regardless of low/high frequency content. Try listening to a single operator with the sine table across an (middle-ish) octave. Optional interpolation would be great! I agree that aliasing in FM often lends itself well to sound design (e.g hihats) though, but the option would be nice.

Very cool!
Aliasing on the oscillators is very noticeable though. What kind of interpolation are you doing? Linear should be good enough if you push the the samplerate up above 48khz (assuming that your tables are at least 256 samples long and 32 bit)


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So Elektron made a proper FM synth called the Digitone! 4 Operator with an intuitive interface, with their usual flexible sequencer.

Rumor has it that the person behind the FM engine is a part of the chip music community... And some cool peeps like Zabutom, Hizmi, Quarta330 made some of the factory presets...

4 track sequencer with 8 voice poly should entice some chip heads for sure... :-)

Some neat demos:

Zabutom remade Zeta Force on it:

Hizmi's little romp:

Some cool BoC vibes:

I design synths and such.


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Interesting! I hope it will sound accurate.

A shame making it in aluminium and not plastic IMO. I get that a lot of people have an aluminium fetish, but a handheld console makes a lot more sense in a plastic casing.

See this great post on the subject: … msdossb16/


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No, not to my knowledge and I doubt that there is or will be. The PS2 doesn't have unique sound hardware that makes it particularly interesting as a tracker platform. I suggest checking out Little GP Tracker and run it on a PSP - should be close enough. smile


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I haven't tried, but I'm sure it would work just fine. Looking at the mGB manual, the Digitakt can send all the accepted MIDI messages.


Any flash cart should do.
You can use this software:


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This is called mixing, not equalization.
I recommend reading up on that, and equalization (ie applying EQ) as well. There is not a golden rule for what volume an element of a track should have however. A good mix is more about listening to which elements should protrude more or less, and create a balance between them.

Hrm... I agree that effects should not be allowed - but I would argue that EQ/slight limiting or compression is not an 'effect' per se. (albeit can of course be used as one, if "abused")

There is not really any point in disallowing the use of EQs, this is something you would use on any instrument or recording really. It does not (necessarily) alter the sound in the same way as a reverb or delay does, but can be used to improve and bring out details that were there originally.

I mean - let's be real - the sound is coming from a GBA/GB/etc. Some EQ is needed. big_smile