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Yeah I got the memo. It's not quite as expensive as I thought it might be, but will have to compare it to what else is on the market closer to the time of it's release to see if it is really worth going for


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This is Sybil

Sybil Leaping

Sybil & I



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Just bought myself one, been waiting quite a while for an opportunity to get one of these babies. Thanks man, I can't wait


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and a Knighthood. Arise, Sir Neil Baldwin

I checked the high res images at Nonfinite's shop and damn the "Smoke Bubble" design looks very cool


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Mine would be a native Megadrive tracker with midi port built into the cartridge for midi sync/control. Maybe even with computer keyboard support too


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This is lush. I love it, great release

PixyJunket wrote:

I just want a pink cartridge shell for mine. sad

Ever heard of spray paint!?


I didn't quite understand your last post, arfink. powerpak cheaper than a PowerPak?


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Personally I don't see NSF export as an essential feature for NTRQ. However, a lot of us do love our NSF collections, and it is nice to share a song file which is only about 10KB big rather than 10MB, and as bleo said it's a very widely accepted format. But even though I am very interested in one of these carts, I am concerned about losing  all of my song data when the battery inevitably runs out! sad

edit: I guess recording would be an acceptable compromise especially because of the nature of the hacked cart. Sorry for the fuss smile


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Hmmmm I am very interested in your work, arfink. I'm considering saying that I'll be down with buying a cart from you, however what about backing up sav files? And also Neil has hinted that in the future NSF export may be a feature of NTRQ - how would one go about getting the data off of one of these carts onto another computer?



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I've been offered one for £55. This is a lot of money, but I'm finding it incredibly difficult to track one down. I could double the price and get myself a new 1541 Ultimate II - which would last much much longer and would be so much nicer to use hmm

If one of you ninjas could hook me up though I would be eternally grateful.


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My 1541 disk drive has given up the ghost sad  I've been checking ebay, but the 1541 is scarce. Please can anyone hook me up with a new 1541? I'm in England.



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Hmmmm, same here with Firefox. I'm on XP. IE and Chrome don't seem to have any problems loading the music page but Firefox is very... temperamental unless I log in then it's usually alright

This is some serious heavyweight shit. Up there with the best! Thanks for dropping this, Neil. Downloaded, donated and forum-registered. Commencing to get stuck in!


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This looks great. Cool thing about this kind of thing is they are very easily moddable. I reckon you could add more octaves to it by modding it with an external keyboard. I think we'll be seeing heavily modified Monotrons in a similar vein to what happened to the Gakken Synth