yo, thought i'd join if that's chill

i like chiptune, even if i haven't been around that long.

the scene seems pretty strong here in the nw washington/seattle area, but i don't have too much to compare it to.


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anticipating your next batch of stuff to sell, you always have rad stuff! in fact, i'll start saving ahead of time, so when you do sell more stuff, i'll be ready.

i could call it the av-dawg fund, because everyone is gangster in their own way


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answered my own question


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gave the first 5 tracks a listen, i'll listen to the rest tomorrow. i really like what i'm hearing so far.

tbh i'm kind of the opposite. i'm not a huge gamer, and i suck at modding consoles (especially gameboys). i was so attracted to gameboys as an instrument because of their limitations. i'm not a creative person, so i have to either limit myself musically, or come across an unreasonable amount of inspiration. and because the gameboy is so limited, I'm able to write actual songs with structure and focus.

but i'm weird, so pay no attention to me. haha

i'm so hyped for the vinyl

there are japan-only clear GBCs, they aren't super hard to find. (ebay has quite a few)

and then the atomic (clear) purple ones, and those are everywhere.

edit for information


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banjo would be a nice addition to a chip song, banjoes seem to sit well tonally with gameboys.


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how did i miss this?

needless to say what i've heard of it so far is fantastic. smile


you could make the trousers have a print of wailord's avi, that'd be cool

just a quick mockup, i think they'd be popular among those scene hoodlums


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George wrote:

Suit is nullsleepified by Neckbeard.

fixed that for ya


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and a general rule of thumb is to dress like bbq and don't ever look back

never ever


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Mrwimmer wrote:

You guys joke about the suit...

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mr. wimmer wins this thread.


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Timbob wrote:

is the top row middle column one (black/white/orange) tapered slightly towards the bottom, or am i just seeing things?

wait, like one of those times where you find something awesome in your garage you had no idea existed?

if so, that's a nice feeling