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Way easier to just install VirtualBox and run a virtual Windows XP.


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Just clean your connectors, if they're gunked up with battery goof juice, no amount of aluminum foil is gonna conduct through that.


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Finishing an education as web-integrator next month, then I'll start reading for datamatics.
Getting paid to study, too. Only bright side of Denmark.


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What's the price gonna be?

Shit yeah it works.


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ashimoke wrote:

I'd use this:

Whoa, didn't know there was an article on passive mixing on BA. Awesome!

Out-Line wrote:

Yess i think this thing can work, i have think use usb cable it have 4 "track" 2 for power and 2 for data but if you solder 4 cable of gameboy in respective points you can get usb cable link smile  only cons is not compatible with all gameboy, only with your mod.   Remember the view point of female pin is inverted point in male.

Wicked, my PS/2 jacks and plugs came in the mail today. Time to play stingy scientist.


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Put three jacks into a box.
Connect 2 of the jacks to the 3rd with diodes (or resistors) on the signal.

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Here's a thing to slightly demonstrate what I mean.
You can use resistive mixing too, 33kΩ ones would work fine.



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nice tunes yo


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http://www.taydaelectronics.com/catalog … lt/?q=wire


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Look into the GlitchGrinder.
I helped the dude design a schematic ( that probably doesn't work ) but I can't seem to find it.


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kitsch wrote:

i'm always looking for functional back PCBs, btw wink  hit me up next time before you toss them out...

I've got exactly one left but I'm definitely keeping that until your screens come in stock.

You should sell KitschBoys, y'know?

Oh fuck I'm the only Dane on there.


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Oh fuck are you kidding me I just threw out a couple motherboards yesterday.

Out-Line wrote:

Mmm, you would use two keyboard at the same time?

No no, not at all.
I mean to use the PS/2 ports in lieu of a link cable.
I don't have a link cable and they're too expensive where I live, so if I'm gonna mod in a PS/2 port for a keyboard in my Gameboy, why not make it multi-purpose and function as a link cable as well?

I added something to your picture in the OP.
Male connectors at the bottom, from the front.

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super cool mspaint demonstration graphic

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