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Definitely work on learning better chord progression, improving song structure, recording quality, and mixing.
Good luck!


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Oh i'm so sending you my ep in a few weeks


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Wow very well put together, this is great

Man I don't even live that far from KY Nestrogen take me with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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Phewwww was worried there for a second thanks yall


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So a while back my lsdj cart was full so I deleted a bunch of junk to free up some space but now i've only got 4 song spaces. And three of them already taken up...Did I mess up and permanently delete available song space? I'm not seeing anyway to make a "new" song...oh man

Atlanta has okay turnouts but there's almost no artists here but I think there could be a really awesome turnout if we could get some more chill peeps to come down south


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We don't really need it to be honest. I personally prefer everyone getting a fair chance to be listened to rather than all the people that would go on 8bc and only listen to the top artists. People that deserved attention never got it.


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EDIT:woops double post


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Yeah i was talking about the pad. I wasn't aware there was a difference. All i've ever seen is the pad


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I feel like people that get kaossilators tend to use them way too much when the effect they use isn't really neessary. Cool gadget to play around with though


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I had a gameboy pocket before I got my DMG, but mine had issues with battery life and it was just a general piece of shit (although it was prosound modded lol) personally I like my DMG more because it's bulky, it feels like less of a toy and more of a legitimate synth....that I can also play megaman on. But seriously when I first got my pocket I was like "WHOA THIS IS TINY"


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Yeah having this feature would own


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what would be a good number? I've tried using the envelope command but it immediately goes from the original volume of the note to the one in the command with no real transition, do i have to fill the entire chain with envelope commands?


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You know that long crash sound in a lot of electronic music that helps the song transition or whatever? How can I achieve that? I'm trying to do it in the noise channel but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the crash last long enough and fade out. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Can we collectively agree to stop arguing? There is no music that is definitively "bad", there's just music that you don't personally like, and to try to push those views on everyone else by coming up with "reasons" as to why a certain genre is bad is just dumb. Who cares if you like dubstep or not? The kid that made the thread wanted suggestions not opinions.

Also USK has pretty frequently made some amazing tunes with a more electro/dancey/bassy feel to them, check him out.