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Tascam: SOLD

Shruthi: SOLD

Use something like this little guy.  Plug the midi IN side of it into the midi OUT of your synth, and then set up the midi device in famitracker.


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Sforzando Is a very good soundfont program, pretty much just drop one in and go in any DAW.


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New look, Same great taste!


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So, in a table, the H command's second digit tells the table what row to hop to, and the first digit tells it how many times to do that, with 0 being infinite.


00  -  00
00  -  00
00  H 20
00 V 53
00 H 04

Would bring in some vibrato after the note is held for a little while.  It's a very powerful tool.


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You might try adding some hop gated tables so that your lead tones kind of  evolve over time.  Also it's hard to go wrong with a detune of 1 or 2 on just about any instrument.

Btw, this song kicks ass.


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If you really find it necessary to multitrack, play the whole thing in song mode and just mute every channel but the one you're recording.  Fluctuations are pretty much uniform that way.

or if you have a second gameboy, copy your save over to a second cart, set one version of the song to master, and record the slaved GB channels individually.


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sandneil wrote:

it's fine, your mom is probably just worried you're going to use it to buy a chip maestro

Said it before, I'll say it again.  heart u sandneil

$4011 is the delta counter, iirc?  If that's true, it means that you can use that to do some (very basic, not super deep) volume control of the triangle channel (along with the noise channel)

Just learn famitracker.

This is an EP I've been working on when I've felt depressed over the past year and a half-ish. Very different from my usual output, but maybe you'll find something to enjoy.

Album can be found Here

Change you batteries?


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I set my arps up and then have those playing while I find melodies that harmonize pleasantly in certain spots with them.


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From what I understand the answer is run LSDJ on a GBA as well =/ lots of sync issues otherwise.

Yes, that is what Jefftheworld was doing.  You still get to use the internal channels from LSDJ in addition to whatever you're sequencing

Clear coat probably