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looking forward to seeing it when it's finished heart


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Could be, I have bought some freshly faulty EMS carts in the past. Maybe see about getting a return if you can


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It seems like times are just harder for most of us. hmm

While chipmusic releases and shows are waning out, I do hear it more frequently now in bigger productions; cartoon network comes to mind. I hear it in new video games too.

I love the sounds of nanosynth/nanovoice and want to run it alongside lsdj or anything else.
I was wondering if anyone has tracked the bpm of the different tempo settings within the program, or has any advice on getting as smooth of a sync as possible

CarrieStronggrog wrote:

Could I just resolder the points R & L onto the pre-pot points you showed in your pictures and then just add the 4.7UF capacitors to my 1/8" / mini-jack and it would be the same thing?
- I prefer the compact look of the 1/8" jack over the big RCA outputs...

Hi yes you could, that's what I did

I've worked for a kennel for the last 4 years. I'm broke but I love being there.

+1 for I don't think I'd put a song in to it but I'd sure as heck listen to it


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looks like nay, friend


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I really want to put this to use if it becomes available for sale! I'd just be using it for 3x or 4x lsdj.
Maybe I could make my own adapter, but where would I find those link cable male pins? Should I just gut faulty DMGs for them?


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Hello! My friend gave me his Game Gear. I've been looking around at music possibilities and I have a few questions; as I understand it, my main option for actually using a Game Gear is to:

-write in Deflemask under Sega Master System
-export songs to ROMs
-buy an everdrive cart, flash all of the song ROMs to the everdrive

I'm coming from almost exclusively an LSDJ background so a lot of what I've read about using this and other older systems is hard to understand, not to mention less information, tutorials, etc. available

I think I read that the pulse channels can also handle audio samples, is that correct? Will Deflemask handle that while writing for SMS?
I noticed some other trackers, (sneven tracker, Little Scale's program, mod2psg2) and they all look like a more comfortable interface but Deflemask seems like the only finished program that I can use to get my songs on to hardware. Is that true?
Is there any other advice I should know for starting out?
I greatly appreciate any help!

I like to spilt the o command up something like

O  R

so that the transient impact comes in quicker in mono and slightly trails off, opposite to whichever side I started with. It still feels pretty stereo when you use a fast envelope.
you also can flip/mirror the o commands with every second snare hit so it feels more balanced


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A picture of your circuit board would be helpful.
Make sure your solder points are not shorting anywhere, and that you've followed the instructions correctly. Be gentle with the leads coming out of the ribbon cable plug; they can break off easily.


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Sonically, most chipmusic is pretty simple and easy to mix in my opinion, and could be done well with even cheaper headphones if you really know what you're hearing.

From my experience, you can get better analytic, studio quality sound for cheaper with headphones than you can monitors, but you should have both.  There's so much variety of "studio" branded sound out their though, make sure to check frequency response graphs for the flattest sound signature you can get.

I'm using a pair of KAM-HP1's I picked up on a sale for around $100 and, to my ears, they're the flattest headphones I think I've ever used. They have a very revealing, deep and detailed sound that sounds higher tier than their price.

I used ath-m30's for a long time and I'd easily recommend those for chip if you're not looking to spend much. they're pretty close to neutral, and also sound a bit better than their price.

If you go for monitors, also try to soundproof your room as much as possible.
I haven't heard many monitors but KRK's have a warm colored and kinda muddy sound IMO. I'm using yamaha hs8's right now and I wouldn't completely recommend them because of some deep, weird scoops in the low mids and the 70-90Hz range. My roommate is using Alesis elevate-5's and I think they sound true and great for the low price.

looks great, good luck with your game smile


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suicicoo wrote:

Kitsch, is there any chance you make gameboy-buttons in the colors of the snes-buttons? that would be awesome!
also, are there any news regarding your new gameboy-front-pcb?

That's something I've been interested in as well!