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Yep, the older the Genesis models have the best full sound quality for exactly the reasons you describe. As for your idea about the capacitors, why not instead simply have an isolated power circuit for the YM2612, might be a cheaper way for the same benefit?

I personally think a bit of noise adds authenticity, but clean FM sounds great too wink

herr_prof wrote:

Its just a video game, jerk.

Is that an obscure reference to the interview Timbaland gave after ripping off chiptune-artist Tempest? tongue

Also Someday is an awesome track, one of my favourites from the chiptune.org archive, always did feel unfinished though so I can see why the OP built upon it. Hope you can find the guy.

It was found back in 2009 that Toy Story basically has a 4-channel SEGA Genesis MOD player that uses the DAC. Perhaps Skitchin' uses a similar engine?


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The USB Smart Card 64M cart will only work for older gameboys, the GB Micro is not backwards compatible like the GB Advance. You could get a gameboy advance flash cart and use a GBC emulator for GBA (such as this http://www.dwedit.org/gba/goombacolor.php) to convert the LSDJ .GB ROM into a .GBA. However since this would be emulated on the GB Micro's arm processor, so the sound quality arguably won't be as good as an original gameboy - check out this sound comparison: http://www.herbertweixelbaum.com/comparison.htm

I am aware of this, I needed two carts for two separate units, but I'll admit I didn't word it properly. That ROM sounds neat though. Either way I have decided just to get one cart for now from nonelectronics, so this thread can be closed/deleted/etc.

What award does the winning netlabel get? tongue

Could music be written using only the PSG channels in VGM Music Maker or Deflemask, and then that VGM played back on the gamegear perhaps? Not as funky as LSDJ of course but an option for those interested.

I'm looking to buy 2 gameboy flashcarts and I'm hoping some rad person on here might have some available to sell. I intend to run mGB and LSDJ on them, so they must be capable of this - I also don't want my work to get lost into the digital void, that would really suck, so being able to backup my Sav files to PC is essential. I know carts like the EMS have a USB port to download save data, but I'm open to other ways (e.g. 2 carts with one transferrer unit). I don't have any other existing GB carts or equipment.

2 EMS carts brand new is $80, and since I'm on a tight budget I'm hoping to save a bit of money getting some carts used, maybe from a supportive fellow musician.

Thx for reading wink

p.s. I have a us mailbox so no need to worry about intl postage if in the us.

I'll be there. smile


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PM'd an offer on the EMS cart smile

This is very cool, so does GENMDM already support this sort of HBlank trick to reproduce this effect?

Sounds like it could be the AC adapter you're using isn't providing the right voltage or amps, or low batteries if the unit has them (not familiar with the Casio SA 21). I used to have that "crackle" at the end of the note on my old portatone keyboard when the batteries were getting low.

Wow what a great product, nice to see more devices which can be counted as actual instruments rather than just fancy midi controllers.

Apeshit wrote:
metropeak wrote:

Actually in the market for a decent flashcart right now, but $45 seems a bit steep compared to the $40 EMS 64M one, is there any benefit to this one above that, other than the (awesome) colour?

Assembled and designed in Canada instead of China, for starters. LittleFM support, larger battery, lower power consumption, easier to flash (given you have a flasher.), and can send songs over link port with Drag'N'Derps, so songs could be backed up that way.

Thanks for the quick reply. It is tempting (especially supporting the national economy wink), though I have read that the GB Boy Colour (which I have ordered) cannot send data over the link port, only receive, so that may limit the backup capability for me. I take it some special cable is required for that?

EDIT: Did a bit of googling and answered my own question, the nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor can be used to receive files from LittleFM. Cool.

Actually in the market for a decent flashcart right now, but $45 seems a bit steep compared to the $40 EMS 64M one, is there any benefit to this one above that, other than the (awesome) colour?