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I don't really know how to interpret sad songs with chiptune, but some melancholic ones definitely are:


Still here!


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Thanks guys! It's up on Spotify now as well! :-)


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Our new album is here! Plenty of happy melodic stuff for everyone to enjoy! big_smile


Extremely melodic/happy oldschool styled multichannel xms and 4 channel mods.


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Will be released in a month! Our sixth album called 'autre'. More of a mix of styles than previous releases hence the title. Enjoy!

https://soundcloud.com/cheapbeatsmusic/ … aser-cb058

Wiklund has been pretty active over the last 4 years, mainly for Fairlight stuff if I'm correct. It's all over Pouet, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Jep try JAM player by CreamHQ!


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cTrix, because he's extremely modest, very helpful, really reaaaaally smart, a wonderful host and awesome guy in general.

Some older chiptune guys, because they're a constant inspiration, some names:

radix - really talented musician overall, and probably one the best melody writers in chiptune I can think of.
malmen - Amazingly talented guy that can really put a finger on the melodramatic side of things while still touching that happy side. Extremely well executed harmonies and melodies in basically every style he tries.
joule - Very knowledged guy on music in general, very theoric approach to music and as far as I know him, really perfectionistic as well, which results in super thought of tracks that are good through and through.

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I came here prepared to "Use the search button http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/13029 … ne-dating/ " this thread...

Was disappoint.

But i'm sure you'll be able to find someone eventually. The happy tracker module people are really into collaborations (xyce, malmen and joule, xyce and malmen and joule and radix and xylo and cerror, etc)

I feel like the message here is that everyone should write music with xylo.

Haha, sure!

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Strobe & Kmuland - Cell II

Yes Strobe is fucking amazing.

Some of my favourites are:


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I think those are generated based on comment and song view traffic

Pretty sure that's how it works too.

Super useful. :')


Great video!

I wrote a little something about this today. https://medium.com/@toffringa/xyce-on-m … 9eded6b8bd

Make 5 different versions of a song, and try out different melodies. Also add notes in between or change some notes two or four bars up or down.

I also generally dislike songs where it's just 2 minutes of incoherent melodies, but I guess that's more because I myself, really try to make songs in a more standard pop structure with clear verse, chorus and bridge/solo parts. Give people something to remember. "Oh that verse melody is so fucking awesome, can't wait for it to come around again later in the song." I guess those ideas make people remember songs and wanting them to play it again.