126 Any Comments or suggestions?

by Adil Soubki

132 "We've Landed" - Alone In The Universe

by AloneInTheUniverse

133 Then and now and CC please!

by NimbleF0x

134 Please crit my LSDj demo

by PixelPanic

135 Karate Man (slap my face)

by Pizzaface2000

137 chiptune critique


139 CC on two LSDJ Tracks

by qbnut

140 Closed: All Hail The Mustache - Chiptune Metal!!!

by All Hail The Mustache

141 Just put a short song up

by lucasnoah

144 Some new mods and remakes

by adrdesign

147 New PxTone Track, Feedback Appreciated!

by ShinigamiMachine

149 some old LSDj demos...

by jbuonacc

150 Facebook Song (atari arpeggios)

by Pizzaface2000