121 CC on a track

by Sonus Silver

122 new to chiptune, cc appreciated

by eggmmuffin888

123 CC My first Song (Famitracker)

by KriptonDiablo

124 CC Please! WIP Organya Song

by ShinigamiMachine

126 First chiptune, CC please

by saltfish

129 New member here, presenting my work

by Michael's Music

134 Good, Bad / Where's the drop?

by animalstyle

138 TEOMAWKI - Necropolis Rave


139 LSDJ Track In Progress

by Animus?

142 Famitracker Newbie

by syobonaction

144 My First Fasttracker Module

by sparkyrogers

145 CC on newest song.

by HardstyleFox

146 New here. Would appreciate some CC

by Breogan Hackett