Not been around these parts a while because every thread turns into some sort of bickering pseudo troll shit.
For the record i would like to say "HI Jbuonacc, you come across as a massive dickhead. I apologize if you're not but im 99% sure you are. Thanks"
Anyway with a list of such amazing analog-pro-ness, why would you even give two shits about the Aria.


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This is exciting news for now and for the future ! And hopefully seeing as the MS-20 was a decent price it shouldnt be really expensive either. Good that things are becoming more affordable, the Volca's, the Aria for 300 quid isnt bad at all. As much as id like a Tempest and a Prophet realistically i could never afford them. Thanks Korg ! Now i can get away from my screen for a bit : )

if its a label run by good peops that puts out good music then yes
if it s a label run by money hungry bitches that primarily put out shit that sells then no
someone i am friends with is feeling the strain of record deals
he has been signed to two labels, but now that he has finished ep's for both they are fucking him about.
neither wants to release first and its been going on for a year. obviously he is losing faith in the whole thing and getting frustrated.
Must be pretty annoying to think ' ive fucking made it', but then just never getting a solid release date.


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i like turnpike and bathhouse - rad tunes. im not so much a fan of my 4/4 beaty stuff usually because im an old fart now haha
but this is some very nice LSDJ'ing !


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im wondering did you start form the middle or the corner. i remember a chick in highschool used to doodle like this, but nowhere near this small and badass lines.


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so rad

i've seen some ludicrously bizarre/pointless mods in my time but this one takes first place.
Its so ridiculous that if you actually make it, it could possibly be the best gameboy porn i'll ever see in my life.


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fair enough son. its 10 bucks because the printing of the cover is really top quality for this release, er and i insisted on them hipster black tapes and shit haha
thanks for lending ears regardless !


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cheers guys, thanks for having a listen.


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Hello people
I know there's some stoned people that frequent this board that listen to my music, I wanted to share my new record with you.
Alot of the bandcamp traffic / tape sales of my last record came from here, so i know this one's not chipmusic but i couldn't think of anywhere else to post it to let my chipmusic peoples hear it.
if it pisses anyone off or offends then i apologize. 
Its pretty similar to Drip Taper in its vibe. Lots of stuff run through tape, really slow, casio and shit roland rom synths through pedals and plugins, some samples of mid 90's memphis rap tapes - you get the idea.
in other news i am working on another weird 80's horror ambient thing for HEL which i will finish one day. Hopefully.


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oh its like old times man


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thought id drop my new one in here

if anyone wants to hear what new dowstate sounds like..........there's nothing 8bit on this one, but its got that casio,virus B, low fi tape recorded feel of course.


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Not really chipmusic, more ambient synth music.

Manuel Clement - All life is one.

A beautiful record, eerie but calm, definate 80's vibe going on in a cinematic kind of way....... recorded with no midi i believe.... just live synths, and there's some casio sk1 tracks on there.......

I only found this from the sk1 tunes he had on 8bc years ago......i've been playing it frequently for 3 years now i guess. check it out.

ps - dont be alarmed by the first track thats an electro jam.....although its a nice tune its very different to the rest of the record....shit now im listening to this again.....i feel like punching myself in the balls for being a fool and not listening to it for a few months haha

This is retarded.
I mean, I always wanted to be great on a skateboard.
But after skating for 6 months i didnt progress too much
i couldnt force myself to go out and skate because i preferred just playing videogames
in the end i realized i didnt have much desire to skate beyond the idea in my head that i wanted to be good at it but couldnt really be arsed and didnt enjoy it.
So i started making music instead.


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im just an awkward dude playing awkwardly weird music in dance clubs. I keep my head down in life and when i play.
At most i will wear an ironic slipknot or mayhem shirt to play meloncolic electonica cos thats just how i roll : P

TSC wrote:
Saskrotch wrote:

that shit sucks too. Why do people think that bad music is okay cause it was written on an old computer?