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These are basically the only releases I look forward to.

I think the main thing to take away is to be polite. We had a guy just the other night get about an inch away from a buds face (who was playing) and screamed at him to turn the shit off because he hated it...as if he was some big shot everyone should constantly be trying to please. One of the biggest assholes I've ever seen in my life.

We kept playing.

We've had a manager of a restaurant with outside seating come over and nicely ask us to move down the street.

We moved.

My philosophy is: "Don't cater to assholes."


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Ah. I assumed you and Aeros were talking about busking in general.


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Aeros wrote:

we're not really writing it off - just saying it looks rather silly and we personally would prefer to stick to playing our songs in places where we know people will like them, or at least a place where if we look silly while we're doing it then we're in good company. (although you do have a point, either way we look like idiots)

From personal experience...WAY more people are totally into it while we're busking than you'd think.

And I'd like to say I don't think we ever look like idiots unless we intentionally act like idiots. Sure there are douchebags who give us looks, but I've never said to myself "Damn...those are the people I wish would respect us." No. You get remarks from people who you'd never want to speak to anyway. Saying the people who are doing the same thing you're doing only on the streets look like idiots is a bit frustrating since we're all part of this community. Maybe you're the idiot for not trying it? Just saying again...don't knock it until you've tried it, brotha.

Opening a stranger's eyes to Chipmusic is a great feeling and you'll never get that from just playing shows where you know the crowd is already familiar and completely into it. I do think playing shows is much more fun though...busking is just a different experience.

Plus busking is a great way to get people in your area interested in going to shows.


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Our posse in Rhode Island got an awesome gig and a table at a Maker Faire along with connections to guys that run a 3D printer and the guy who created Pushpin (who also has bunches of GB carts).......because we were seen busking in Providence.

Food for thought.


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Frostbyte wrote:

It just looks quite silly, in my opinion.

Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's great fun.

10/10 would read again.
I'm also curious to know the arcade machines you (low-gain) had. I mean owning 18 of them is like a dream come true.

*cough* Lucid Dreams *cough*

ant1 wrote:

i liked making horse because i wrote the whole thing in 3 days and i got to think about horses non stop for days and the music was flowing out of me since it was sent to me by divine horse spirits so i didn't actually have to write any of it and i was really pleased with the way it sounded

Ant1 wins the thread.


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Frostbyte wrote:

Was it sprayed? I did mine with acrylic and brush and it looked really bad hahaha.

I painted a transparent purple GBC case with a brush and everything about it sucks in comparison to a spray job. It's tough to avoid getting all the inside nooks and crannies all gunky without using a bunch of little pieces of tape. Plus if it's really bright outside or near a light you cant see brush strokes even after doing a bunch of coats. I'll never use brushes again unless I need something to actually LOOK like it was painted with a brush.

Listening to your own music is like listening to exactly what you want to hear.

Lazerbeat wrote:

I think just calling the thread, "upcoming releases" and having it pinned would work?

I say just go for it. I have a feeling we'll see 1 in 10 posts being a promotion, but at least it'll be there for new people to bite at.

I think having 1 hype thread would devolve into a bullshit section. Hype it on Facebook and Twitter...leave CM.org to concrete releases.

Hell, when the album comes out ill see it in the release section anyway so wtfs the point of hype threads besides reading a thread full of "NICE", "CANT WAIT", "ILL SUK YER DCK"?


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I dig it, yo. Especially the grey on the teeth.


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My advice would be to put a small hihat or something in the noise channel on beats 0, 4, 8, C and repeat that through the whole song just to see how things sync up. I think you'll notice that many of the notes are offbeat.

At 8 secs in it sounds like when I accidentally trigger a bunch of wrong chains in live mode. The noise channel has too much going on to fit the weird melody in both pulse channels which are offbeat.

Unless you're really familiar with the hex values for beats in a phrase it can be tough to know if you're on beat unless you have something to keep time. Use kicks or noise stuff as a metronome. It helps when writing sections like the beginning of your song where you have no percussion.