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Saskrotch wrote:
jmz wrote:

~*~*~*~careful soldering~*~*~*~ ...

what the fuck is that

Taking care with your soldering I'd imagine.

pr0n wrote:

totally opened this up for trollz.... go ahead.....

what do you think this is, 8bc?

i've never seen that particular gameboy.

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Any CDs to buy?


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your a wizard ant1


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down loading
heart heart heart


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You need to remove one screw from inside the battery compartment and four screws around the edge that hold the black metal part on the front. It takes a bit to open it the first time, but you shouldn't break anything if you're careful.

what the hell is wrong with you people.

listening now smile


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Hunterizzle wrote:
calmdownkidder wrote:

No you didn't

How did I not? I changed everything from trade/sell to simply trade.

Prices are required.
Also would be nice if you said where you live.

Does it work when you start it in half speed mode?


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Goodluck selling without video or at least a sound recording.

Normally on a gbc there's always a high buzz.
On a modded gbc the buzz only starts when a note is started and will stop if the note is explicitly killed.

The pro sound mod isn't "important" at all.
Get to writing some music first, then prosound later.


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Would totally if I had the money to spare