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heart good music.

this is one of my favorites: http://ubiktune.com/releases/ubi023-var … quilibrium


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edit: all sold, thx!

just make yourself do it.
easier said then done but it's that simple. find what inspires you then create whatever you want. i don't listen to other people's music while i'm in process of writing a record, it's distracting.

also, drugs or not: if you find yourself being lazy, stop it. drugs are one of the most powerful tools for creating things in the hands of the right people, but i find that most people i encounter lack the self control/attention span to sit down and work on things for more than a few hours at a time.


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01 SIGNALS (6:31)
03 ALIGNMENT (6:37)

can you hear me now?

bringing you a message of hope across time and space.
it's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
be a light to those around you.

free downloads: https://soundcloud.com/smiletron/sets/smiletron-signals
bandcamp: http://smiletron.bandcamp.com/album/signals

so much ♥,


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diggin it man

I've never been much of a Renoise guy, just used to other programs i guess. throwing in my two cents behind Chipsounds, its an awesome plugin. Huge variety of chips, lots of hardware specific parameters... Worth every penny. I use it literally every day.

i wish i wasn't also quite poor. WTT. tongue


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still got these?


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not again


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i thought i had 'learned music' before, but it wasn't until i had lost myself completely in it that it truly began to make sense to me.

gorgeous. heart


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i've used it. it's kinda lame emulating that kind of synthesis. sound quality is worlds apart from the real thing. interface is barely comparable past identical controls, the feel is totally different. its just... not intuitive. can't sync with other things easily.


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so awesome


enough said. i write tunes in logic. sometimes there are limitations, sometimes there aren't.


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now with physical copies:

available here: