lektrogirl is a girl

Knytt is free and has a nice soundtrack too.


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†‡† is pretty good

Grouper – Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Steve Hauschildt – Tragedy & Geometry
Mark McGuire – A Young Person's Guide To Mark McGuire
Teebs – Ardour
Celer – Capri

Spaxe, PA, WXYNZ and Hotel Keitel.

Yay! It'll be great to hear some new Random and AGM for sure.

calmdownkidder wrote:
DaPantz wrote:

Also, I'd cool it on getting involved in her uni life and all that. It sucks, but let some other people worry about it.

Stealing music one time and getting busted is bad enough - but twice? And she has done music courses before, according to her facebook - how far is she getting in life from the backs of genuine hardworking musicians?

This is based on the assumption that she might have had to submit some 'original' compositions at one point or another though. Some people I know who took A Level music technology last year only did bad MIDI renditions of 80s songs and learnt basic production techniques. Even if her course syllabus did stipulate that she had to submit a composition then I highly doubt she would have gotten away with plagiarism up to this point, even the course my friends took last year required submission of the project files for analysis.

As much as the theft of music undermines her credibility, this 'internet vigilante' act doesn't reflect well on us as a community either. I'm not condoning what she's done but I think if she's going to make a career out of music then it's more likely to be off the back of academic merit rather than a dozen mp3s.

I will be there, can't wait.


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yes! this has been on heavy rotation for a few weeks now, really heavy stuff.

edit: heavy


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Ikari and Combat Dave.

Love: The pulse channels on the SN76489/SMS, 303/909, the flute preset on the Casio SA-5, using vocal samples as percussion.
Hate: OTT dubstep wobbles, flange, rapid panning, those trance synths that are in nearly every pop song in the UK, dramatic transpositions of the previous section throughout a song.


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http://dvdp.tumblr.com/tagged/dvdp%20done is my favourite.


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Renegade Runner wrote:

Edited the OP to include: "Try to be creative and come up with ideas I haven't mentioned"
For those who have posted already, how about a Chip music scene memory?

MYSTERY GIFT CLUE: 32, 16 and 4. They're all interconnected in some way

My only chip scene memory is that time I collected the AtariST from you in Leeds train station a couple of years ago. Ashamedly I still haven't used it, when my student bursary comes through I shall buy a PSU and SCART cable and get tracking.

As for the mystery gift clue, are you talking about eras of gaming?


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Silver Gameboy Pocket
8BP050 Compilation Album
DeadBeatBlast - 8Bit Revolt "Street Edition"

I can't really write about what I had for lunch today as it has just gone past 1am but I had a pretty good lunch yesterday. I put a joint of pork in the oven for a while and then whilst the oven was doing its job I wrote a lot and theorised about nothing to do with the Cold War and specifically the partition of Germany. I then cut the pork into slices and ate some of it in a sandwich which was great.  I personally think it lacked a bit of apple sauce, though. The atmosphere at the table was similar to an American Football concert circa '99. By the end of the second sandwich I'd had enough, my mouth was kind of dry and I've not been eating much recently. Overall it was a nice change from eating ramen everyday.


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Boards of Canada, Baths, little-scale and Oneohtrix Point Never. Mainly for their incredible ability to create soundscapes.

(just after the end of a song at a show i played a long time ago)

"have you got any DJ [some guy who makes chavvy bassline music]?"
"i'm not a DJ and this is a gameboy, it doesn't support mp3s"