And like I offered before, if you feel the need to ship the device back to me for modifications, I can do so and cover parts and shipping. I want you to have the device functioning at a level that pleases you smile

Retrogamer09 wrote:

Is the EZ flash iv still available?

Yes it as, as are the two GB Micros. I can run you a deal if you want more than the EZ Flash IV.

thebitman wrote:

Gameboy Pocket with green buttons and V3 backlight courtesy of Kitsch, screen was peeled and prepped by Zelkedo smile **do note, this unit does not have the matching battery cover but instead has a clear one that matches VERY well and really lets the green shine through. Can do internal prosound for free. $50 obo.

Never said it was modded by kitsch. I said green buttons and V3 backlight, referring to the source of my non-stock parts being acquired from his shop. Sorry if that wasn't made clear earlier. Screen was peeled by Zelkedo, and wiring work for the backlight was done by myself according to the V3 backlight guide for pockets. I'll see if I can dig up a link.

Fresh batteries are always a good start. Never used Nanoloop with a Pocket. Please let me know if things don't resolve themselves easily and I'll do what I can to correct my modifications or the hardware itself.

This is during my dead week during school before Spring exams. I will be doing everything in my power to try and make it to this.


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Guys it's some stickers.


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I have a Gameboy Micro I would gladly throw you. Possibly more. Let me know what you're up for.


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What kind of FM stuff? I have a cordless Model 1 Sega Genesis with the HD graphics label. Also got two GB Micros and a EZ Flash IV I am looking to rid myself of. Also interested in the Caanoo.

EDIT: also got a Nebulaphone a while back and decided it wasn't for me. Might be of interest to you … -art-1998/ … ch.305100/
*cashes in his chips*


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TSC wrote:

@bitman: I'm always really excited to see these shirts being sent off, partly because it frees space for newer projects. As always, the money from RG goes *directly* back into RG. 

Oh, and I should probably mention that this was not a standard 4 channel .MOD. I bounced approximately forty tracks from the A1200 to Reaper fwiw.

Thanks! heart Good God. And this reminds me yet again of my Amiga lust <_<


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I have been anticipating this so I can order all 3 releases.

heart Can't wait to get my Skulltracker shirt in the mail. Probably going to buy one of everything from your store after Christmas.


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The One Electronic wrote:

A lot of the people I talk to guard their shit like dragons on a gold pile

chepe! wrote:

$45 for the ezflash shipped to Mexico? If so, I can pay it now!

PM me your shipping address, and I can reply with my email address for billing on Paypal. smile

Alleybeach and I prototyped 3 Arduinoboy boards for $5 with shipping. oshpark is da best


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Limitbreak wrote:

I hate being "that guy". The guy that wont spill the beans...

inb4 Jetpacks for DMG's and GBC's. Distance is not for shipping it is for long range testing.


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Considering it was being worked on Jose Torres years ago, it's pretty safe to assume that this design a) wouldn't work 100% as intended b) will never see the light of day considering it's Jose.

sxe_weekend wrote:

Sent payment for the GB Pocket.

Payment received! Will throw this thing in the mail, make sure to send me your address information! smile