I'm located in Spain and need between 5 and 10 AGS-101 motherboards, these can be either USA-released originals or the modified Chinese ones, but please state if they work with the brown/black label screens or the white ones.

Thanks! ^_^


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Aw yeah, the good old pre-anniversary or Pokecraze days; I could buy a Pocket with 10 games for like 15 pounds plus shipping from eBay UK. Now? Good luck finding a agme like Pokemon Yellow for under 50 GBP...

LOL it makes me feel so proud that everyone's using my 5V soldering points picture after HHL posted it on his website

Whoa, it's been a year already. And what a year! Bumping to see if any of us three (me, Kitsch and DaRko) finished their projects. I didn't. Did they? smile

Btw, a user from www.elotrolado.net (a Spanish gaming forum) made his own version of the project:

Hey Kitsch, I'm planning to make a big order off your site but regardless of the weight it always says $7 for shipping to Spain. Am I doing anything wrong?


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Backlight mod's over folks, unless you want to spend $100 on a backlit screen. You can also search for modder GBAs on eBay, but these are becoming scarse.


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I have a "MANI Limited/For China Only" white PIL shell (yellow-ish) but I'm from Spain and registered shipping alone is like $20 so I don't know how much to ask for it. smile

It looks good on pictures but I wonder how clear is the image compared to a horizontal GBA SP frontlight mod: http://www.mylkstuff.com/page87.htm


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I have a MTN'94 Espectro (translucent red) that I used to paint a GBA on the outside. It sticks very well but my main complaint is that it has a funny smell even after it dries. I find it difficult to explain to a costumer that my product smells like cherry. That is why I want to try the new odorless cans.

By the way, I live about 100km from where Montana Colors is manufactured so if anyone wants a specific color, just send me a PM. ;-)


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What paint do you guys use? There's a new water-based can from Montana Colors which they say is odorless and comes in a variety of colours, including translucent black and translucent white. The bad thing is that it's only 300ml and costs 6€.

Even though some modders are still offeting it -*cough cough* Thursday *cough cough*- frontlighting a GBA is a thing of the past. Now you have backlight kits from Kitsch or RCG (or if you're patient enough, order one from China) that are much easier to install than DMG/Pocket. And for me personally, it's risk-free unlike the trouble of getting crap all over the SP frontlight when modding a Color.

Here's a comparison of the old afterburner frontlight kit and a backlit GBA of my own I sold some time ago:

Oh, and btw, the GBA backlight thing has been going for two years now.


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stargazer wrote:
thedimitry wrote:

Can't really tell. There's real SP AGS-101 vs. Chinese AGS-101 screens comparisons though! Remember seeing a couple of them on the official backlit AGB-001 thread on GBATemp.

Where did you get the adapter cable from? I can find the sp screens, but not the cable. Also is this a clear case or an 'arctic' clear-blue case? I think I'm going to try one of these!

I source my screens and adapters from TaoBao. The good thing is that they cost 1/4 of what the US stores or eBay charge, the bad thing is that you have to wait a long time and use a forwarding service. It's cheap when you have to buy lots of items from there, like me.

Oh, and the case is a glacier (translucent blue) one painted with opaque yellow spray paint on the inside.


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Can't really tell. There's real SP AGS-101 vs. Chinese AGS-101 screens comparisons though! Remember seeing a couple of them on the official backlit AGB-001 thread on GBATemp.

A little bump. Might photograph more items later and add them here.


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Beautiful SP there, mate!

I assembled a two-tone backlit original GBA last night, have a look:

I remember seeing the first thread. Could anyone remind of what was the price of the unit and the mods done besides the paintjob? Thanks.

As a funny coincidence there's a golden DMG shell in my possesion that I wanted to draw on and mod.