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YAK 002

It's free, I made it for Doom community purposes but remembered you guys like primitive computers muscki


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rock on hey
everyone needs to listen to more Temp Sounds imo


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there has to be a better place to chat than youtube


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i don't get it
it looks like any other gameboy


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i judge art based on how it is interpreted by other people HAhahahahaha


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so uh http://battleofthebits.org/barracks/Pro … +Champion/

this is super crunchy (fuck chiptunes)


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it's loud as hell but doesn't deserve to be


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i want to be the first good chipmusician


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my game would be called "ultima underworld 3" and i'd get everyone in botbuh to make midis for it

last time i tried writing for someone else's soundtrack they rejected all my stuff and essentially asked me to remove all the art


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:B it matters what type of musician you want to be though

my stuff is fairly murky and nongenre... people find my music mysterious at best, repellent at worst... if you have ambitions to follow in the footsteps of your favourite musician then don't do it my way, haha, it would backfire like crazy.


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well, time to put poker adverts on the front page and disappear from the internet


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im self taught and skipped the sheet music stage entirely


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battleofthebits.org often runs chiptune battles, where you submit a piece in any number of given categories and then come back to vote on each piece using any number of silly categories

a lot of you guys summarily dismiss everything not sold to you with ludicruous pomp and circumstance so i'll give you a run down of the submissions this year:

12 powerfully weighty entries by Chip Champion, that lumbering, primal beast of inevitability (this is badass)
12 glitched-out pseudopornographic transmissions by Strobe, a real-life android and ancient hacker
7 bloodthirsty battlecries by Warlord, who doesn't so much write music as Ram. It. Down. Your. Throat.
those three are the heavyweights who always submit as much as they can manage, often the maximum amount

6 gelatinous globules by Slimeball, who only moves when you're not looking (this is badass)
5 slices of ElHuesudoII's razorblade, a demented and perfectionist demon barber
5 djingles by Jangler (djingle is a new genre you can only find at botb)
4 bad dirges by Zan-zan-zawa-veia, the musician some say is the worst in the world (this is badass)

3 entries by the scattershot null1024 (this is badass), by the clingy Beard (this is badass), by the penguin-like CCE (this is badass), by Svetlana the communist squirrel (this is badass), the alarmingly tasty Interrobang Pie (this is badass) and by KungFuFurby, king of the SNES

one or two submissions by many n00bs, including coda, michu, ant1 and Velathnos... and many more!

submissions are still open for a few hours but you can already listen to the tunes and decide how harshly you'll punish them based on your own nonsensical chip peccadilloes


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[04:49] <easterbunny> nerds have too much money maybe they could give it to the poor instead of each other