Thanks for making this thread, sharkattack.  I rely on more of the slow-seek method, just Googling with my hopes high.


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That is fantastic.

arfink wrote:

.. I refuse to use facebook...

I keep wondering how much I'm shooting myself in the foot for still not joining up.  Functional - vs. - annoying.  So many people post links to FB, forgetting that there's an occasional curmudgeon out there.  Oh, well...

I think there's nothing wrong with FB'g something as long as you attempt to make sure that it's elsewhere, too.  MySpace does still exist, and doesn't require membership for surfing, either.  Providing options to sign up for e-mail lists or RSS feeds is great, too.   ..Shoot, someone might eventually care to do postcard-mailers, just for the heck of it.

[p.s. Streaming is sweet -- allows you to listen from any computer.  Plus, you can just simply listen, instead of having to extract/tag all the files every time.]

Thretris, I've got a decent shot of your AnamanaCustom'z, in action.  Needs a little tweaking, tho; I'll post in a few days (busy, on the road a bunch over the next 3-4 days).

  ^  Plaza Duckpin Bowling, Richmond VA

  ^  Sabrepulse  ("normal")

  ^  Not a huge crowd, but we had a good time.

  ^  Sabrepulse  (obv. hyped)

  ^  Anamanaguchi rockin' out  (..despite one not feeling so hot.)

Had a great time -- wish I could've gone tonight, too.  Hope everyone feels better, safe trip toward Tejás!

The Richmond venue is RIDIC.   Neon bowling-alley.   I'll post pics in the next day or two.



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I'd like to pre-order an arcade-version, plz!


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What's garbage cock?


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hotmessization wrote:

I see price gauging on Elektron's side with those prices.


wikipedia wrote:

In late 2006, Elektron claimed that "100 became 200"..  This marks the third time that an additional 100 chips were being produced, each time claiming to be the "final run."  This (and the fact that some aftermarket clones of original SID chips exist) has raised skepticism as to how scarce the supply actually is...


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As much as I'd love to mess around with it, you could probably set your own price.

wikipedia wrote:

.. In March of 2005, Elektron claimed to have encountered an additional supply of 100 SID chips and produced 100 SidStation units, selling them for € 920, [or] USD $950 ..

     [Wikipedia writeup]              [YouTube results]


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Note to self:  never post.

Looking forward to snagging this on Wednesday.   Now you guys just need to put together some more pressings of The Space Years.   sigh...


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Jumping in here to note my interest when the next batch comes around.

Thretris wrote:

You already gettin [rid] of stuff you bought from me???

Not quite..