Hey, I just came back to this board trying to figure out if I found ilkae here (one of my friends asked where I discovered the music). It's been almost a year and a half since I listened to 'Porpoise!' and I still adore ilkae's music frequently.

Can't wait to hear more of your work!

That game looks great! And the tunes were kickin.

My sis bought this HP 2000 Notebook with 4GIG of RAM, AMD E-300 APU with Radeon graphics, dual core, for about $350. It's running Windows 8 which actually isn't all that horrible once you get used to it. Personally, I still miss the XP days but you know...

I haven't tried running FL on this thing but it ran some basic games pretty well. My shit old HP Pavilion from '06 with 1GIG of RAM couldn't even handle running Proteus (an incredibly serene but very low demand game). This comp ran it fine as well as some other simple 3d games.

You definitely DEFINITELY do not need one of those "high end" consumer knee-jerk PCs. Get something between $350 and $500 and you will be fine, trust me. All you need to do beyond that is TAKE CARE of your little computer. Some people treat their computers like trash and it makes a huge difference. Only install the bare necessities (~the simple bear necessities~) and don't let it burn itself up.


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I love this so much it's choking me up.


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Hahahaha oh man, I lol'd good when I recognized the Mighty Wings riff. TOP GUN FTW


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W4LKR wrote:

...started glitchnes it was black amd white and didnt work properly...

Sounds like you got the desired effect.

This is beautiful. I love you. heart


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nordleof wrote:

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Well that was unexpected.


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I'm siding with those who think it's best PS never release a new album. Give Up is an iconic album and totally redefined the way I listened to music, not to mention defined the way I experienced love for the first time. Feels.
Imo, they shoulda just released a limited edition Give Up instead of releasing the OP track at all. Didn't really feel it... but yeah, Everything post-Transatlanticism rubbed me the wrong way. I remember working at Papa Murphy's six years ago and being upset when I recognized DC4C's new track on the radio.

In other news, Yellowcard is just as good as ever.

Teh D3th St4r wrote:

I used to be and avid Anime enthusiast... now I find most of it to be painful to watch...

I know what you mean.

This sounds awesome. Please make this happen! big_smile


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I'm really enjoying the reggae track. I always tend to write my responses while listening to the track. The very beginning kind of put me off. You being new, I was like, "Oh lawd, here we go. This is some amateur sounding stuff, I hope I don't sound like this when I start..." but once you brought the rhythm it was all gewwwwwd. Shit is mega chill, bro. I do dig the bass. Very nice. Would encourage to bring other influences into the reggae chip thing and see what happens.

Teh D3th St4r wrote:

Love the manga.

You're one of *those* types...


Kinda looks like a Wonderswan, except changed a bit.

Wow, you're right. I've never heard of a Wonderswan before... /googling


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Matej wrote:

I love...


SadPanda wrote:

I have never felt love.


I am pro at taking up large amounts of space.

chunter wrote:

Unfinished. Been working on it for June. Depending on result, might use rainbow colored lightning busting it down the center. (My skills are not pro tier, nor my software.) big_smile
Please, keep reiterating in your own words the sentiments I posted earlier.


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ram wrote:
Grymmtymm wrote:

might wanna look at his ebay page, prices are kinda scary

Haha, they'd be lower for you guys here. I only put them that high because people on ebay will gladly over pay for "rare retro" stuff smile. plus ebay takes a ~9% cut from everything I sell...

I only just started selling on ebay... losing roughly 20% to fees and shipping makes me want to f***ing cry.