Unless I'm very much mistaken it's to do with how loud everything is. Turn the kick down and balance everything to match, perhaps?


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I made an album (completely un-chip related but pretty heavy!) at http://simonthegood.bandcamp.com but once that was done I got to focus on some electro-y stuff I'd been working on which lead me to digging out my old DMG. Looking forward to getting some electro stuff out in 2014 after my first (Chipmas) release this year.


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Not sure if this is relevant but the "real" LSDJ messed up one of my saveod songs by moving all the commands and instrument assignments around so hardly any notes sound and those that do don't have the carefully worked out effects on them. It even got rid of all my "k"s. The weird thing is that all the other songs were unaffected. I've got a backup saved somewhere but I've not loaded it up yet.

Your issue certainly sounds odd but idf I've learned anything from chipping it's to expect the completely illogical and unexpected!


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Alpine wrote:

Grave of the Fireflies
interstellar 5555
Tekkon Kinkreet
Whisper of the Heart
Shaun of the Dead
The Worlds end
Lesbain Vampire Killers
Hot Fuzz
True Romance
Alien 2
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
National Treasure (it's fun, sue me)

I can't think of anything else atm

Saw Tekkon Kinkreet with a live soundtrack recently which was an interesting night out... Crazy movie!

Someone also said Rushmore which reminded me how much I love Bill Murray (but not Lost in Translation - way to SLOW!!).


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Spinal Tap
Blues Brothers
Anything with Tom Hanks
Quicksilver (Kevin Bacon)

From what I was told by my local Music Tech rep, focusrite took their best pre-amps and stuck them in affordable units. Apparently that really pissed off some nobby high-end studio types but we should all jump for joy.

The only downside for me is that it doesn't support 24/96 which I use in a lot of the studios I work at so have to make sure I save to 44.1 before I bring anything home otherwise I can't open the session. Ignoring that, though, it just sounds really good!

Awes! In the diary as of right now!

How's sales going? Are we raising masses for Christmas charideez? Dig deep, chippers!


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Yeah, if you've got the red one it'll be fine as long as you don't try and use it with Pro Tools - I literally spent a month trying to get that to work.

I've been using Pro Tools for over 10 years which I like much more than Logic (which I am forced to use for work) and Garageband too, though Garageband and Logic have some great software instruments when compared with Pro Tools. The MIDI stuff is probably a bit better on Logic overall  but I mainly deal with audio and Pro Tools is perfectly fine.

I've been forced to use Reaper the last few weeks as I haven't been able to get Pro Tools to sync with LSDJ or mGB via the nanoloop USB adapter which is a real pain (if anyone has managed it do let me know!) so I record my DMG into that then transfer it back to Pro Tools.

Obviously been using LSDJ too and I've been enjoying it. Also mGB, which will be good as I intend to compose in Pro Tools using MIDI then use mGB to convert each MIDI track individually to bloops via Reaper, then back to Pro Tools to mix.

SERIOUSLY - anyone who has Pro Tools and a Nanoloop USB adapter, please help save me 100 un-necessary export steps!


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Oh tonesworth, I hope you can see the funny side of this! You must have wasted HOURS restarting computers!!


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Almost always chords first, as Ateno says. It's not lazy, it's just a good way of making sure your music is "right"!

Let's hope Joy Division don't notice! That one does indeed have an awesome ending!

Not bowled over Exterminate but there's something about Harmonium that I'm digging... However, that first tonky melody is out of tune with everything else, would it maybe sound better in the same key or is that some intentional dissonance?


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I think this is going to require a picture...


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SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:

I dont understand the thread. Why wouldnt you accept a record deal?

in the worst case scenario you're still using internet to promote yourself but some guy somewhere is selling phisical copies of it.

The problem there is that the "guy somewhere" might be selling physical copies of it and you might have foolishly signed away and agreed not to see any of the money he's making from doing so.

I suppose you could argue that you're no worse off than you are now and that all publicity is good publicity etc. but there has to be a tipping point somewhere where you actually begin to gain financially from all the hard work you're doing.


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I've had 2 record deal offers (both for a band a while back) and we all agreed to turn down the first because it was a tiny stupid label that wanted every right under the sun incoluding radio sync rights and all merch rights. They wanted full ownership of the songs for nothing and expected "an album of at least 45 minutes and 12 tracks in length". Some of the best albums have been 30 minutes long!!

The second was a publishing deal from a MAJOR label. They offered £10k for the rights to 8 of our songs (that I wrote) which would probably have lead to a recording of some kind but our manager turned it down with the knowledge that other acts that weren't as good as us (in his eyes at least) had been offered more. Suffice it to say a second offer didn't materialize. I probably would have taken this one given the option as it would have taken me much more than 6 months to earn that at the time and to date those songs haven't earned me a penny in sales...

I would take a deal now if I earned enough to live and make/perform music for a job. I make a lot of music so it wouldn't have to be a chip label.