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bumpin bumpin, dance floor bumpin

this is still up in the air, had a few offers. feeling a deal could be reached soon or later, so if anyone else was still interested, you have mah numbaaahh

i'm in no rush necessarily, so we can take it sloooowwwww

my apologies to anyone with any late replies, btw. Been pretty busy, and unfortunately I'm currently a bit ill, so i am slower than usual at the moment.

Jophish wrote:

am i the only one who misses 8bc

well according to the amount of offers i've received, no, you are not the only one

godinpants wrote:

i miss TDS.

i miss my mind the most

TSC wrote:

Just link it to this video in the meantime:


tempting, but not as funny tho, lol


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TSC wrote:


Lets face it, I only came back from the dead to give you a cyber-sext BJ, in exchange for unreleased material.

*mono vigorously types away using exotic symbols on his keyboard, as he restlessly awaits pure unadulterated uncensored new music*

*his veins soon fill with red blood cells, pumping away with every keystroke*


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donotrunwithpixels wrote:

what a shameless way to get traffic to a site.

and that's a bad thing.... how again? You swear someone was fucking dead babies or something, lmao.

irrlichtproject wrote:

Ahahaha Mono you old domain squatting grouch tongue I think you should totally keep that domain, no one else is worthy of it wink

Maybe I should create a parody site and it'd be COMPLETELY legal.

It worked for Dumb Starbucks:

... until Los Angeles County Health Department shut it down. Luckily for h8bitcollective, you don't have to serve any food tongue

Also, cease and desist letters mean squat shit! If you know anything about law, lawyers send that shit out 24/7 like AIDS. It doesn't mean squat shit. They use those to intimidate and scare people. I've done it to sort issues myself. Trust me, it was pure bullshit. Most of the time you can call the bluffs. If they are serious, they will spend all the cash to take a person to court, usually they want to avoid that cuz obviously that cost $$$$. That's what I did with my bullshit cease and desist against someone not too long ago, over a completely unrelated matter.

I or anyone who buys it can just call it h8bitCollective (or any other parody name e.g. Dumb 8bitCollective), claim to be a living breathing art parody and still use the same url (at least to redirect).

And either way, you can use names like ChipMusicCollective, if you want to avoid parodies. 8bitMovement. ChipCollective. 8ChipCollective. SIDCollective. 8CollectiveBit. Bit8Collective. 8GayCollective, the possibilities are endless! 16bitCollective? As long as you avoid using 8bitcollective as one entire word, you're fine. For 8-bit and Collective, separately are not trademarked words. Too general terms to be able to be trademarked separately.

Loopholes and ideas, i has them.

But yes, keep them offers comin'.


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oh and if you wish to remain anonymous, you can reach me via IRC, via PM

I'm mono on the server.

or you can just pop in over at #tds, same server as this site's IRC # is hosted on etc etc esper or w/e it is, i forget lol




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Hey, anyone interested in the http://8bitcollective.org domain?

I noticed 8bc is dead now for sure, for years now it seems... good times fucking around with that site. Many lulz.

Any reasonable offers will be considered.

Need to sell off all the domains i've snatched up over the years, this is just one of many, lmao.

Perhaps you can start a new h8bitcollective? FIND THE NEXT CRYSTAL CASTLES OMGZ?!?! BUSINESS INCENTIVE GALORE!

actually, i should just direct it to http://crystalcastles.com instead of TDS. funnier that way.



P.S. just to abide by the rules apparently, lets say i want to sell it for $1337 OBO


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huh... interesting thread... well, since it makes no sense whatsoever at this point, here some chip/dubstep inspired stuff I really been digging in more recent times, Balam Acab:

Really liking his stuff.

Ignore any witch-house people 'want' to associate the young 19 gentleman with.

He kinda reminds me of Aphex Twin's more ambient stuff. In fact, this is what I'd imagine he'd be doing, had he started out making music around this era of music, rather than decades ago. He's like Aphex Twin reincarnated, in a way :p

Oh, btw, these don't have proper 'tags' e.g. FS, FT etc:



http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3516/ … plers-etc/

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3424/ … -boy-toys/

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3482/ … ouch-32gb/

just trying to help keep things in order and abide by the rules strictly, in order to maintain the peace.

I saw more violations, but there's just so many to go through. Mods, lets get things on the hustle! One guy can't do it on his own!

trash80 wrote:

Please list your prices or remove items without price off of the thread.

Respect the rulez: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/144/t … ed-042010/

btw, Trash, you missed this one:

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3331/ … p-20-beta/

apparently he even sold it. ;]

Also, are eBay listings valid without fixed prices on here?

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/3291/ … hite-dmgs/

I'm curious.

Oh right... uhh, i'll post prices rather randomly, so excuse the prices if they are too high or whatever. I'd still be willing to bargain with you regardless.

Edit: there we go :D

IT'S A MONO BLOWOUT SALE, EVERYTHING MUST GO. Right, I basically been selling everything I own over the past 2-3 months or so... just about (no i'm not killing myself and no I'm not going bankrupt or whatever. I am living a more minimal life, simple as that).

This is the little stuff I have left to sell, for the time being (I'll probably find other stuff later on, more than likely):

//////24" iMac OS X 10.5.8
2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 of RAM Memory (upgradeable to 8GB)
1TB HardDrive

Idk, $1000?

//////Old forgotten PS2 games: Metal Gear 2, GTA III, Medal Of Honor


//////Korg ES-1 ES-1 MKII Sampler/Drum Machine/Sequencer etc

uhhh $150? idk

//////MOTU FastLane - 2 MIDI ins and 2 MIDI outs, powered via USB

hmm, dunno... $25?

//////I got another Novation BassStation to sell. Rack version

I forget how much these are going for... lets say $200 for now

//////Selling a few domains as well:

http://8bitcollective.org (yes, this is the real deal, the one that was used, before it expired ;])

$1,000,000 for a domain

////// Ticket - Oh, if anyone is interested in a Crystal Castles ticket for March 2nd in San Diego, get at me as well. It's not mine technically (i get into shows via guestlist), but I'm selling it for a person. No worries, it's legit.

About $50?

//////Guitars - I have a few guitars I'm currently selling, but there are some buyers interested at the moment... whatever I have left I'll post on here, if anyone is interested in some good ol' guitaaaaaahs, ya'all hurd.

Also, since I'm posting this already:

can purchase here: http://trebledeathsystem.com/store (excuse the weird look of the poor excuse for a store page, haven't had time to style everything properly)

Silk screened and Organic American Apparel shirts. They come with extra goodies as well. There is a very limited amount left:

Small - 1
Medium - 2
Large - 1
X-Large - 0

(technically I have 1 more x-large and another large, but these are on hold for the moment. I'm currently waiting on someone to confirm whether they want it or not, if not then it's up for anyone.)

T-Shirt sales: I make no profit on, it goes to paying the server.

Uhh, if you need some feedback on my seller record, in order to assure yourself: http://trebledeathsystem.com/forums/187

You can ask RG as well, I've sent the guy nudes before and on time... errr what....

I'm accepting offers at the moment, not set on price... for the time being. All I ask is be realistic, I'm not retarded ;p



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low-gain wrote:

www.8bitcollective.org *laughs* i didn't know that url was taken by someone else


If you're hesitant voting over at TDS, please feel free to vote via this URL instead:


I love catering to everyone.

DaPantz wrote:

Right here, you're essentially lumping together years of UNSUCCESSFUL attempts to promote an overt political/racist agenda via MySpace to years of SUCCESS in promoting an overt political/racist agenda via FOX News. It's extremely different, and like Nullsleep, I'm finding myself confused as to how this bears further explanation...

Whether it's successful or not, does not change anything. What difference does it make? The intentions are clearly there. hurp?

example: Simply because ruthless murderer failed to kill someone, doesn't change anything in regards to intentions and goals. It just simply means the victim/target got away (for the time being). He'd still get convicted if tried. His intentions were to bring harm.

That's not very nice and friendly now, is it? You wouldn't be quite pleased with that. Since you could have been killed etc

herr_prof wrote:
Nullsleep wrote:

[Now, back to tracking until sunrise.

Not quite, sorry! >.< I got in about... what 3 to 4 hours of sleep? Fuck. I blame the fucking sudden dramatic change of times zones. Really fucks with your sleeping patterns... that and my secret love for Nullsleep... I... I just want him to notice me and  reply back to me... via MySpace.

Is that so much to ask for? xD

Lets face it: I'm all of Nullsleeps fans on there. All my accounts. Right, Peter? Ask Peter, he'd know :]


Nah, actually, contrary to what I heard around Blipfestival a bit back  e.g. not many liking his set (for various reasons, obviously), I actually thought it was quite an improvement to what I heard of him do ages ago and actually approved of it (not that it matters anyway). I probably enjoyed it a lot more than most people, judging by what I was hearing from people on various IRC channels, to say the least.

Nullsleep wrote:

For someone that so vocally disapproves of other people making assumptions, you certainly don't seem to have any problem with making some of your own.

Read this:

Nullsleep wrote:

When ureport automatically puts itself in my Top 10 friends and starts sending me rightwing propaganda then I'll reevaluate my level of concern

"then I'll reevaluate my level of concern"

There's my point in regards to all that. It's more a logical way of thinking, than assumption on my part. There is logical reasoning and then there's pure assumption based on little to nothing, for simple kicks.

If you're gonna place your hand on that hot oven, you're obviously gonna get burned. But heck, be my guest and try it out: completely disregarding any logic behind it all.

I mean, you're proving my point.

If they were to completely go all out, they would alienate an audience, such as you and in turn you would "revaluate" being on myspace, as you put it.

You just proved it. You proved my point. My "supposed" assumptions. Passively agreeing, without even realizing it. What else is there to explain? Srsly?

I don't believe they'd ever go all out and INFECT US ALL! OMGZ. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!?! GAIZ. That's just silly. That's just again: bad business practice. I'm also partly basing all this on business/political analyzations from various sources I've read in the past, btw. Not just my own. Would it hurt to read up on it, eh?

.....Naaaah, lets just assume I'm making it all up with my fake accounts, right?

As much as I don't agree with a lot of what FOX does, I've watched FOX news myself in the past briefly, and it's not a constant endless stream of conservative opinion. The fact that they had Br1ght Pr1mate perform, and covered "chip music", saids otherwise. Hurp durp.

Again, you're getting into black and white territory.

There's good and bad in everything, believe it or not. ;p

Ultra liberals can be just as bad as ultra conservatives and vice versa.

While you yourself say you never encountered anything political from myspace, I have. I've seen announcements in regards to various politics there before. Even when I wasn't looking for it. In fact, that's how Ureport came to my attention. I'm not sure how politically you are involved in politics in general, apart from the general omgz fauxnews evil, but I surely am. Thus I'm aware of what's going on to various extents, of course. I can't know everything, obviously. I'm only a general human, with my own general flaws. hurp.

Nullsleep wrote:

at no point did I condemn or judge Br1ght Pr1mate's decision.

Bullshit, dude. B U L L S H I T. You jumped right away at it:

Nullsleep wrote:

Yet the community apparently has no problem with making an appearance on one of the most despicable television channels around.  We certainly do seem to have a fucked up set of priorities.

... are you srs, man?... are you sure you're not running FauxNews yourself? ;p

wait.... Rupert? AHHHH I KNEW IT! AHA! Playing that joke on me again, eh? How did you pull that one over me again, Rupert? wink


And yes I'm completely aware it's your personal opinion, but the way it was worded/stated, it is done from a "community perspective:

It doesn't say/state "I" or "me", does it?


You practically and clearly told Bright Primate that his priorities were "fucked up" in an indirect way, beating around the bush, from a COMMUNITY perspective, rather than a personal perspective. You didn't even have the nerve to directly address them at first. Even though we all knew it was clearly directed towards him. Pretty fucking obvious.

... and only AFTER they explained their reasoning to YOU, specifically (even though there really was no need for it to begin with at all), you eventually did wish them luck and that it was good to hear their reasons on a PERSONAL level, but you forget you had attacked on a COMMUNITY level. Never hinting/suggesting at detracting your previous ORIGINAL statement directed towards them specifically. Because: oh no, you'll look bad if you detract your edgy political comment. So the damage was still done. The portrait of being fucked up in regards to their priorities had already been attached. Well done, you.

Why didn't you ask their reasoning at first, rather than jump to attacks and conclusions with negativity? Why attack them head on without getting the full story? Shoot first, ask questions later? eh?

Heck due to you bringing it all up, Anders even featured it at Chipflip. Somehow I think it would have been ignored otherwise, for whatever reason. Hmm, since the article basically addressed all this, needless/pointless bulldada.

Even 8bw pointed this out:

8bw wrote:

Bg1ht Pr1mate is now the community?  Lets not derail, this is a great opportunity for them, cheers guys!

I'm not seeing things, am I? ;p

Nullsleep wrote:

Anyway, you then go on to talk about ways in which this could be used to push FOX's political agenda. But then go back and say that they can't do this because it would alienate their audience and they can't afford to do that.

I never said it "can't" be used at all, I said it can't be used to such extreme manners. Completely different to what you're trying to make it out to be. As it's an international site with a much more broader audience than a national show. You have to be more careful. You have to be more focused. More precise.

Lastly, to add more:

I don't see how someone can dare speak at community level (especially based on their personal views) when they are simply ONE person, that makes up a part of that community.

Getting close to jumping the high horse territory, if you ask me, personally.... but whatever, right?

edit: Dude, you guys are too fucking easy at arguments/heated discussion. I had more of a fight from CC's management than you guys.

I think the majory flaw here is that everyone is nicey-nicey and buddies. I think DaPants works for 8bitpeoples, right? last I recall... .and Peter does TCTD.  which happens to be a huge 8bitpeoples fan boi, nuff said... Null just happens to mange 8bitpeoples... it's all connected. I love the unity and sticking out for one another though... but there comes a point where it all just looks silly. I mean srsly.

DaPantz wrote:

Having a Myspace band page, for instance, does not disqualify one from critical thought regarding some racist asshole on the television because the two networks happen to be owned by the same person in this example.

Of course it doesn't disqualify oneself from critical thought on a particular subject. I don't believe that's in question. Not from my part. Regardless, it certainly doesn't make your argument any stronger to say the least in regards to all this. Especially when it's pretty clear and fairly known that there have been attempts (and I'd imagine there will be more in the future) to use MySpace for FOX's political agenda (why wouldn't they? They own it.), as I already pointed out for those who believe MySpace is just a "neutral" site. Lets take note: Rupert can not go all out and push FOX on everyone on MySpace. Why? Because it can easily alienate an audience.

Alienated audience =/= less traffic.

To a site which is already suffering, due to le FB. That's not good business practice and in the end of the day: FOX is a business. They will appeal to what gives them an audience and in turn any way to fuel whatever their agenda is, to survive in the years to come.

Ureport however, is a good example of how to identify, infect, and ultimately win over people over at MySpace, in a precise manner on an international site, rather than going all out on a national channel.

goto80 wrote:

@Mono/RG: Well yes, micromusic excluded people like most groups do. They were honest about it, though. I guess I was referring to DIY and the talk about using old shitty stuff and, perhaps, make pretty shitty music. Rephlex blabla. But I think it combined organic organisation (anyone could join & start an HQ, right?) with a sort of community coherence (who wasn't fucked by qfs?).

Being honest about it doesn't change much though, haha. But I guess you're right with that other stuff mentioned. But I think that sort of thinking has been common in electronic music, ever since... well, ever since synths became "old" and cheap to buy second hand. I know I've bought a tremendous amount of old vintage synths, due to them being so cheap. Wasn't trying to be "punk" about it, was simply being reasonable and smart. Logical really.

Although, I wouldn't know how HQs worked, as the farthest i ever delved into Micromusic was after registering and suddenly becoming confused by all the colours and layouts. I personally believe the site's colours/layout is a complete artistic abomination. Annoys/confuses more than anything else. I'd gladly take black/pink/blue or white/green/pink, over bright fucking yellow and brighter than the fucking sky blue and whatnot.

goto80 wrote:

Anarchism is now even more about building rather than destroying, imo.

Yes, *now*. Lets keep in mind: 3+ decades later, after the whole punk shiznay has washed away, to an extent anyway. In fact, especially prior to Punk, anarchy always was about that.

But try telling that to masses and acts that cashed in early on: Rotten sang about Anarchy, and is now living in a fancy big house out here in LA, last I heard anyway. Biggest hypocrisy in Punk rock history. Those who say otherwise are in complete denial. It just goes to show the true colours, it was all just a show for entertainment, and thus should have been only taken as such, while exploiting ideologies already found in society.... and everyone ate it up.

Another good example of how hypocrisy works in society. Successful etc. Productive in ways, even.

Anyway, new generations have emerged, and are embracing different things. However, if you would have shown a teen punk kid the anarchist symbol in the late 70s/80s/90s, he/she more than likely would have associated it with the crappy Sex Pistols or how PHUNK FRAWK IT WAS! JEAAAAAAH, MATE. FUCK THIS SHIT UP, DUDR! YEAAHHH. ROCK N' ROLL, MAHN.

Although, I'm sure there's plenty of people who still do.

herr_prof wrote:

Sadly punk rock in the us has become being a dirtier hippie greaser hybrid breaking shit prone burnout versus actually, yknow. doing things.

8bc was certainly a democratic.. if not cohesive ...reflection of the diy spirit of whatever wave of punk rock you chose to believe is the real punk rock.

Read above. Not " 'has' become". "Was" and still is like that. On either part of the world. Blame the Pistols for the majority of all the shit, not all of it of course, but at least who sparked the crap.

Also, why does everyone feel the need to associate other movements/ideology with punk? srsly? DIY existed prior to punk, in one form or another. Anarchy did as well. Lawdy knows anger did as well. wink People who couldn't play instruments very well, did exist as well. In fact, everything that punk was ever associated with, had been already present in society. Punk simply packaged it for you: to eat up or buy.... or use... if you were at least a little self-motivated.

In geek terms, I always thought Punk as this: Punk is a lot like a pre-compiled LAMP installation package (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP, for those of you out of the know). All the tools were already available freely, but someone thought it'd be neat to package it all together and distribute it as such. Since it worked so powerful together, plus it's convenient. wink

DING DING DING, easy money maker, with something free.

Someone would have done it, in one way or anther. Was bound to happen.

Anyway, I've spent enough time at this at it is.

I'm going out to buy some Fortitude supplements to send out to the East coast. Love letter included.


Yes, yes. Everything sux etc etc. We get it. It can even get philosophical if you care enough to delve in more.

Nullsleep wrote:


But what you still failed to see it the following in THIS particular situation:

entertainment =/= politics

Some people use MySpace for Politics, believe it or not. Whether you're aware or not.

Some people use FOX for politics, others don't at all.

Pr1mate's appearance on the show is a example of that. Of using FOX for entertainment purposes.

But you decided, among others to attach this one way negative connotations to it. COMPLETELY disregarding their purpose.  Which, what was it?

Oh yeah: entertainment.

Hence the black and white world perspective statement.

BTW, Mr. Sleep: http://www.myspace.com/ureport


That was about a year ago, was in the news and whatnot... was an attempt to fuse FOX News with MySpace. To catch an audience. To make them feel apart of the world that is FOX News. Read up on it I guess. It had every day people report, but only what the head guys thought was appropriate was featured ultimately.

herr_prof wrote:

I trust my assumptions. They are my best friends.

I'm sorry to hear that, it seem to be a dominant trait you posses, judging by my observations from the past and present.

I hope you're not apart the criminal justice system, as I for one would be even more worried.

Actually, I believe, if anyone ever got closer to delving into the realm of le punk, it was 8bc.

Unfiltered, raw... and most of the time: shitty music.

Which I believe, during the punk days (judging by reading and hearing interviews during those years), that was how people saw punk. lawlz.

That's the approach to the music side of things, not really a political stance that I speak of. That punk had. Which was apart of "punk".

Then again, you can call MySpace punk as well, if you want to. They let you put up your music unfiltered and raw, freely.

This is why I don't even choose to use the word "punk" to label or associate "things". The word has been so distorted, in the same way, punk distorted the word "anarchy" aka destruction and/or chaos in the "punk world". Couldn't be far from it.