Hey, great post!

You could add Famislayer: http://www.heavyw8bit.com/famislayer.php

Not really a tool to make music but rather to play *.NSF in sync with other platforms, very useful!


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Updated to v1.0

Added easier compiling, tileset swap, movie mode


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I wrote a program for GBA called glitchGBA which is kind of a glitchNES but for the GameBoyAdvance.
It sounds pointless if you plan to run it on real hardware but there are a lot of cool devices (PSP. RS-97, etc.) with accurate enough emulators to run it properly through video out.
So yeah, you can use it on projectors for live events!

Project source / download
Github Repository


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The project is still in an alpha version with a single tileset support, but it shouldn't be too hard to allow more tilesets to be included.

I also plan to create a compiling chain easier for the average user.
Until then, play the demo!


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I'm about to test a theory regarding compatibility for LSDJ with Aliexpress bootleg carts using Bennvenn's programmer smile
Just waiting for the carts to arrive, if this works it would be hella cheap ($5 each cart!) and you would only need to pay for one programmer.
Cons: no direct usb support.

Otherwise I guess an El-Cheapo SD right now is your best bet.


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Hey! Check this thread out.
IIRC and from what I read, I believe the command Q associated to each note is what you're looking for (probably you can use tables).


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Need a defMON MIDI/sync adapter for C64 (like the ones made by scannerboy).
I would also be glad to buy them from scannerboy, but as far as I know he isn't making them anymore, so my only chance is to either build one myself based on the schematics (but I can't afford to make my own pcbs as well) or buy a used one from somebody.

I'd like it shipped in Italy (Europe).
Thanks in advance.


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pselodux wrote:
Merutochan wrote:

I think that the usage of this forum is pretty much in decline, sadly, but that and eventually your local chip scene dying out don't mean that chiptune is actually dying.

Honestly the main reason I like the chip scene is the social aspect. The regular Melbourne Chip Academy nights are so good because they're a lot more loose than the usual big chip gigs, with a workshop and/or 1-2 performers (and some "show us your WIPs" open mic stuff) but the rest of the night is just a bunch of us drinking and chatting. Most of the time I prefer this to the bigger, more structured shows where I don't get to talk to people as much.

Yeah, what I meant was more like "maybe your perception is that it's dying because you don't have much local activity, but that doesn't mean it is like that everywhere!"
In these two years I've seen a burst of concerts in Europe and I could perceive the interest spreading out in Italy, and I agree very much with what you say: big events may be great but it's also very, very important to socialize and construct together rather than proceeding forward blindly.


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irrlichtproject wrote:

I dunno about the internals of chiptune=win, but hey, let's hear it for facebook-walled gardens!
https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/05/faceboo … d-app.html

Literally the only reason why I still use facebook are the chiptune groups and events (and I'm not even in the C=W group).

By the way, I think that the usage of this forum is pretty much in decline, sadly, but that and eventually your local chip scene dying out don't mean that chiptune is actually dying. As many people pointed out Europe's activities are actually rising up in number. Sure, many big names may have disappeared or moved on, but that doesn't kill the scene, it renews it.

I did get some piano chords as samples, it works even if  sounds kinda crappy but probably with instruments that have simpler waveforms it would sound nicer.


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nice. just had a quick look and it seems that this is going in depth with instruments, tables, waveforms etc.
really hope this will allow an instrument patcher program!


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Despite it being 2012 both the video and the music shout late 2000's first decade.
However, the song is also reported in the comments:

Chiptune David - Where Am I


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yeah, the thing about dingoo (and gp2x) is that I can't seem to find a cheap reliable source to buy it so I'm happy there is an alternative.
I've read that pygame should work on it as well, maybe I can try and make some tests with it as well!


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tv out????? SIGN ME THE F*** UP!!
I'm not familiar with Opendingux but does it allow to make some homebrew software?
This thing may get me interested in finally learning to write some SDL program, and could provide for an amazing visual machine.

Most significant improvement about EMS is ems-qart!

It provides the same functionality of the default drivers with no more issues with Windows versions up to Windows 10! Still not a drag and drop thing though.
Idk about other carts sadly.


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How is this supposed to be

customized for chiptune musicians

if there is no link port? neutral

also, wonder if it's supposed to be fpga based.

oh, Gizmodo...

Why the improvements to the Game Boy’s sound system when all of its classic games only generate mono sound?

I'm gonna get so fucking mad.

hello fellow interested-in-making-visuals-with-nes buddy!

First of all I second your questions about flash cartridges because I still don't know about that.
Regarding the other questions,
I believe that if you have a NES with a composite video output you can hook it up to a cheap HDMI or VGA converter  (~10$ on chinese websites).

You can indeed modify (glitch bend) a NES! I made some ugly modifications on my first attempt but they are quite curious and interesting, you can check them out on my website, otherwise check out casper electronics' mod (his website is currently down tho) or bitcrusher's mod. I also made an arduino based glitch step sequencer.

About mixing visuals with something else, my current option is using an old hardware video mixer (panasonic ave5, pretty popular among vjs) which I'll probably also try to bend. Hardware video mixers are pretty rare and expensive though, so you may want to try other options like recording a footage with a DLSR or an old camera (if you have one) of your screen and then prepare clips via software and use only a laptop.
You can consider a "Karl Klomp" dirty video mixer but it only works on analog tvs.