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Received my stickers the other day!

These are great and I love the dino stickers on my envelope smile

Thanks Keff!

$90 is an amazing price for that greyboy.

Someone take it!

These look great man! They look BEEFY! tongue

Yay! Looking good.

Cheers for the update Little-scale smile

Amazing development!

Love the look of that VSTi.

Any updates about GENMDM production/shipping of batch 2?

nerdsome wrote:
nitro2k01 wrote:

I've had similar ideas. But instead of stopping people from posting, there would be a small banner at the top of the page informing about the search function and other useful things, until you reach x posts. Thoughts?

Instead of a small banner it should a medium to large banner that is hard to miss.  And/or there should be a window that pops up when the cursor is over the "Post New Thread" button that says something like "Are you sure you aren't forgetting to use the amazingly useful SEARCH feature?"

Should have a big ass banner that takes up the screen stating:

'Have you used the forum search button to find what your looking for? If not, use it before potentially spamming the forums'

Only way the person (with under 25 posts on their account) can remove this message is to click the 'X' to close the message.


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Bring an Ipod/mp3 player and have some samples on there. I can imagine using a synthesized vocal sample could have a good effect to 'fill-in' the silent gap. Or you could just create a loop on your gameboy record it and then just fade it in/out when the loading of the track is complete. Could be a potential solution to fill in the gaps?


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Can anyone enlighten me to what a Timeheater midi cable is?


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Received Nanoloop and works.

Good seller, fast delivery! Thank man smile

World population + Internet = Got to expect some shit.

On the plus side of people uploading tracks or 'shitty music'. It enables them to receive criticism from a wide range of people, as opposed to immediate contacts that may glaze them with praise,

Is there a way to delete your current tracks uploaded?

As I remembered ages ago that option was not available, unless I'm just stupid with this site.

little-scale wrote:

To those asking about genmdm batch 2 and the last five from batch 1 - the boards have now been manufactured in Thailand and will arrive at my house very soon. After that, shipping will begin ASAP.

Awww yeah! smile

Teh D3th St4r wrote:

I encourage you to build one yourself.
If you use best practices, your first successful mod will make you feel like you're f**king magic!
My worst problems came from a premodded DMG that I purchased... it was a mess in there.

Same thing happened to me.


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I'd recommend you download a trial of any DAW from their website before considering purchasing.

Don't want to spend you cash to realise the interface is not for you.

Any chance of releasing a .pdf of this in the future?

(I'm more of an ebook reader when it comes to stuff like this, as I can see myself spilling coffee over booklets like these or losing them). tongue