I find eBoy a good source for pixel art. No tutorials specifically but it can give you a good idea of 2D/3D sprite illustrations, angles and colour palettes.

This book is brilliant, from robots to human faces all in delicious pixels. smile

I hate to be the dude that's inpatient but has anyone received their GENMDM yet from batch 2?


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Yuzo's music made up most of my childhood.


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SOLD! To the guy with glasses!


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Updated Nanoloop and iPad for sale.

Aly James wrote:

On using the FMDrive random bytes generator to control the 14Bytes Custom Waveform on GenMDM...

That beat sounds awesome!

I've noticed him for ages.

He seems like a cool guy, making mixes on Youtube. He never hurt nobody.

If only there was a tutorial wink


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I know you want a DIY line mixer. However, just found this one on ebay:

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Micro-Mixer-4 … 27a3f8ab40

Requires no battery. Haven't a clue what the sound quality is like.


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It has been a very long time since I've modded; but where is the PCB? I see the brown ribbon cable and I swear there was more to it than a brown cable/thing.

Never installed an EL backlight so I could be completely wrong. haha

Amazing to see the growth of this document.

Can imagine it being really helpful for many reasons! Nice one Sycamore Drive smile


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Would be interesting to have a mess around with the ROM.


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Wasn't Low-Gain building a chiptune mixer at some point?

Although that was a long time ago.

little-scale wrote:

Hello all!

Just letting you know that I shipped some units yesterday and I will send more on Monday (the post office isn't open today / Sunday).

Keep an eye on your email inboxes, as I am sending individual emails out to people after I've sent the units.

OH boy OH boy OH boy smile

Cannot wait, this summer is going to involve a hell of alot of sounds!

How can you create a standard plug socket for the screen, as my research suggests the screen's power supply is two wires (Red and black). I haven't done electronics in years and don't really want to kill myself in the process haha.

Any recommendations? Would love to have a mini screen with my megadrive. smile


I'm an idiot. Just realised you can buy power supplies for them.


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