On a whim I happened to refresh your bandcamp page this morning. Glad I did, this is ideal for midterm studying.

token wrote:

this game has pretty bad lag but it's still v cool

Never change.

Post-apocalypse sushi sets the standard for harmonica chamber music. Fantastic work elmusho.

"Come for the music. Stay for the drama."

shitbird wrote:

7,000 plus videos and 3 playlists? That's my only complaint.

It's one thing lemmings does a lot better.

At the very least this thread has been some killer publicity for soundwave trax's channel.

If I found out somebody uploaded a song I made onto their channel I'd pop open the champagne.


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Nice track, reminds me of that earlier more energetic style of LSDJ. In fact, in the interview he said his first experience with chiptune was "Sabrepulse, Shirobon and Henry Homesweet", so it makes sense.


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Yes, absolutely was the song that convinced me the music section was worth frequenting. Brilliant work as always Breezesquad.


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Aw, sorry nobody got back to you. Which is strange considering this is a high quality release. I usually dislike chipmusic/metal combinations but for some reason I was really able to get into this one. Excellent analog sound with the instrumentation, which is really lacking in the community these days. The bleak and melancholy mood sustained throughout your work is engulfing without being oppressive, and you transition well between mellow chip solos and explosive rock outbursts.

I hope you can get some more attention; this is a top-notch release for sure.

I like the second one better simply because it doesn't have any sound. And, to be honest, I've never actually seen an intro adding to the quality of a video before.

Mine just arrived (made my day). First time I've had to use a floppy drive that wasn't a 1541. I don't agree with you about the artwork being bad; it fits the starkness of the EP very well.

I'm looking forward to future releases by you.

Ordered one. These are absolutely magnificent.

In lieu of creating a whole new thread, I'll just ask here:

What songs should go on an introductory chiptune mix-tape? I'm compiling a mix for a friend of mine to try to get him into chipmusic.

Any plans for a vinyl release? I'd hang that thing on my wall.

That was a great video. I'll probably end up watching it a few times.

This has a nice energy to it.

Feryl wrote:

LOL, we've got Daft parody chip albums already?

Don't be so daft.